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1 Year After I Was Hit By A Car

It’s been exactly one year since I got hit by a car.

On this day in 2018, I had class in the afternoon. I should’ve been home in the early evening. I didn’t get back until it was dark outside. Thankfully on February 6, 2019, I got home safe and sound.

I still think about all the things that happened. How the car slammed into my right leg, how I fell to the ground on my left elbow. Hearing the sirens grow louder. Riding to the hospital in the back of an ambulance. Waiting and more waiting. Having X-rays done. The paperwork and pain that followed. Every phone call to the police and insurance companies afterwards.

I doubt I’ll forget anytime soon. But I’ve come a long way. And despite all the setbacks, I’m so proud of myself.

I survived. I was able to walk away. I can walk and run and dance today. I hope I never take these blessings for granted.

I had some help along the way. I know no one else can possibly understand how I felt, not without experiencing everything I did. But I want to thank someone special. A small act of kindness made a big difference in my life.

Thank you for giving me hope when I needed it the most. Thank you for helping me more than you’ll ever know. Thank you for making me smile and laugh again. Thank you for pulling me out of hell. Thank you for the memories I’ll cherish forever. Thank you for everything.

This post has been incredibly difficult to write. I keep editing my thoughts before I even type them out.

More than anything, I hope one day I can tell the story I need to tell, and do it justice. After all, this isn’t someone else’s story. It’s my own.

Creative Writing

Never Know | A Poem

All right

Good enough

Look ahead

Same plans

Different path

Adapt now

Nothing lasts

Sustain hope

Rise above

Be better

Hard task

Be glad

Never know

Complete strangers

Kind souls


How To Avoid Writing

I don’t think you need me to tell you how to avoid writing.

But I’m going to tell you anyway.

Live a boring life. That way you have no interesting experiences.

Live a busy life. You probably do already. Busier then.

Have kids. Have more kids. You can never have too many.

Fall in love with other things. Juggling. Yodeling. Skydiving.

Fall in love with other people. Especially those who waste your time.

Maybe I’ll stop avoiding and start working now. That’s the hope anyway.


A Blogging Wish

I’m not wishing for more followers or views or likes or comments, but they are always welcome. I am grateful for every single one.

Besides I don’t blog because I want fame or fortune. I just wish to continue blogging as frequently as I can. Even though I said I’d be blogging less, I’m doing my best to not stay true to my word. Until November.

Naturally I gravitate towards doing what I love in order to put off what I don’t.

That’s why I blog rather than complete schoolwork.

And I hope you do the same so I’m able to stalk you.

I mean I want you to blog. Not avoid work or neglect school. I don’t condone that.


5 Common Mistakes Writers Make

I am using the term “writers” generally. Like I always do. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to you.

  1. They make excuses. Stop complaining. Start doing.
  2. They sit still. Words don’t write themselves.
  3. They play it safe. Risk everything and then risk some more.
  4. They hope for miracles. I don’t believe in them.
  5. They give up. Enough said.
Personal Reflection

Remembrance Day Problem

Remembrance Day stirs up a lot of feelings. I’m an emotional wreck as it is but November 11th is another problem altogether.

So excuse me while I recover from this.

I’ll be back tomorrow in a better emotional state. I hope.

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Life Is Too Short

Life is too short…to stay mad.

Life is too short…to give in.

Life is too short…to lose faith.

Life is too short…to hold back.

Life is too short…to play safe.

Life is too short…to avoid love. 

Life is too short…to recall pain.

Life is too short…to hate yourself.

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Profound Poem

What is life?

What is soul?

What is life without a soul?

What is love?

What is hope?

What is love without any hope?

What is present?

What is past?

What is the present without the past?