20 Quirks & Strange Habits: The Weird Side of Famous Writers

I love infographics a little too much for my own good. Even better, the one below is all about writers. Thanks Jack Milgram for creating and sharing.


When it comes to writing, do you have any unique idiosyncrasies?


28 Boring Words And What To Use Instead

Another writer and blogger named Jack Milgram shared this lovely infographic with me the other day. So I thought I’d share it with all of you because sharing is caring. I obviously like to think I’m a caring person. Then again, there’s probably a reason why I don’t have many friends in real life and turn to fictional characters to keep me company. On a more serious note, I hope this graphic helps!


Good Grammar Matters In Love

It matters for me at least.

That’s why I don’t have a boyfriend.

My standards aren’t too high. I just want him to care about grammar. Don’t you see how little I’m asking for?

In all seriousness though, Grammarly did their research and created this lovely infographic. It speaks for itself.

Good grammar gets you places. Don’t believe me? Then keep scrolling.


Be proud writers. Not everyone can write as well as you!


7 Famous Literary Bars You Should Visit

You know I love a good infographic. So can I possibly not post a graphic about literary bars?

Are you are fan of literature who also feels compelled to travel the world and experience as many different places and cultures as you can? If so, have you ever considered combing your two passions to go on the journey of a lifetime and indulge in a spot of literary tourism? The concept of literary tourism has become a much larger industry over the last decade, and we have just the thing for anybody who likes the sound of following in the footsteps of their writing icons and heroes.

This splendid infographic is your treasure map to the favourite drinking holes and resting stops for some of the worlds most beloved and acclaimed writers, and with alcoholic libations being connected to high profile authors on a regular basis throughout history, there is certainly a wide spectrum of genres and styles to choose from on your potential visits!

Spanning from the bustling streets of Manhattan, New York to the far away feeling depths of Russia, our infographic will give you details and insights, including exact location and fun trivia, of bars and pubs that were frequented by the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Dylan Thomas, Lord Byron, Dostoevsky, Jack Kerouac and Goethe, all giants of the literary world whose passion for drinking was nearly as big as their talent for writing!

Please enjoy reading through the list, which one looks like your favourite kind of place? There is no time to waste; search out the favourite spots of your favourite authors!

Thank you Linda Craig at Assignment Masters for allowing me to share it.

If you want me to share something on this blog, don’t ever hesitate to let me know!

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International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day was yesterday, so I’m a bit late to the party.

However, raising awareness about the importance of literacy any day never hurts.

Grammarly has created a lovely infographic about global literacy. They even wrote a blog post about it, which you can find here.

Literacy Day

I hope you are able to help the cause by getting involved in whichever way you can.


The Anatomy of a Grammar Nerd Grammarly Infographic

Coming your way in about three seconds is another infographic from the folks at Grammarly.

And yes, I love the Oxford comma as much as the next grammar enthusiast.

Anatomy of a Grammar Nerd Infographic

Do you consider yourself a grammar nerd?

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First Day Of Camp NaNoWriMo + Infographic

Happy first day of Camp NaNoWriMo to all participating this year.

Happy April Fool’s if you’re into pulling pranks and practical jokes.

Happy first day of April to everyone else.

Of course I totally forgot about my anniversary until WordPress reminded me. Happy anniversary to me, to this blog, to aspiringwriter22.

Logic dictates that if you’re reading this, you’re probably not writing. Unless you’re a multi-tasking god. As you were.

Anyhow the people at Grammarly sent me this lovely infographic on sports and writing. Strangely enough I sort of gave up watching and playing sports for more time to read and write. Enjoy.

Which Fans Sport the Best Writing Skills Infographic

The full infographic can be found here.