10 Ways To Get Inspired 

  1. Read a book. 
  2. Watch a movie. 
  3. Play some music. 
  4. Go for a walk. 
  5. Leave the house.
  6. Flip through magazines. 
  7. Surf the web. 
  8. Talk to someone. 
  9. Go work out. 
  10. Listen to a podcast. 

Write Even When…

  • you’re sick.
  • you’re tired.
  • it’s Christmas.
  • it’s your birthday.
  • you have two jobs.
  • you go to school full-time.
  • everyone else is relaxing.
  • everyone else is on holiday.
  • you don’t want to.
  • you aren’t inspired.

5 Sins You Don’t Want To Commit As A Writer

As a writer, there are sins you want to avoid at all costs.

  1. Making excuses. You aren’t too busy. You have the time.
  2. Copying someone else. You are your own person. You don’t need to steal ideas from anyone else because your brain is perfectly capable of coming up with some yourself.
  3. Whining. All that time spent complaining can be better spent doing something productive.
  4. Disrespecting others. How hard is it to respect people?
  5. Not writing. Words won’t start writing themselves. Forget waiting until you’re motivated or inspired. Forget feeling ready. Just start.

You can do this! You’re a writer, remember?


Copying, Stealing, and Plagiarizing

I’m frustrated and infuriated with several people who decided to copy, steal, and plagiarize my ideas.

If you’re going to use somebody else’s ideas, give them credit. If you can’t give them credit, don’t use their idea.

Don’t claim it as your own.

That’s just wrong.

See I’m okay with people being inspired by others or learning from them. In fact, I am all for it.

Individuals who think it is okay to copy and paste are my problem. It should be obvious that changing one word does not make the idea yours. Changing one word or one line does not magically make you the creator of the work.

To me, the worst kind of stealing is stealing intellectual property.

I guess these imbeciles want to deal with the wrath of a writer. As well as the wrath of someone who has dreamed of being an IP lawyer.