Why I Don’t Comment Enough

I ought to comment more. But I don’t.

Sometimes I read something, and I don’t know what to say afterwards. I’m rendered speechless, usually for all the right reasons. In that case, kudos to you for leaving this writer at a loss for words.

But occasionally I have the hardest time hitting that reply button. I’ll type a comment, erase it, type something else, delete it. I hold back. I fear this, that. So sometimes those comments I came up with never make their way to all of the amazing bloggers out there.

Reading is easier. Reaching out is harder. Commenting can be challenging. But that’s why it’s so rewarding.


WordPress Party

So after NaNoWriMo is over and school winds, I’m going to throw a party on WordPress every day.

I’m going to be in your face, in your space. It’s going to be great.

What I mean is recently I haven’t been reading, commenting, and interacting as much as I’d like so I want to read, comment and interact more. I blame university more than writing for this. You should too. University severely cuts down on my time to care for my blog, which makes me so sad.

But I promise that in December, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me on your blog. Or blogs. Maybe even your dashboard if I can get my life together and post more frequently.

Unfollow me now if you aren’t keen on this wonderful WordPress party.


10 Mistakes Beginner Bloggers Tend To Make

By “beginner bloggers” I mean myself obviously. I cannot speak for anyone else.

Below are ten of the biggest mistakes I made when I started this blog over two years ago.

  1. Underestimate the amount of work maintaining a blog takes. I thought writing a blog post would be like eating a piece of cake. It’s sweet when I finally publish a post. Most of the time, I toil away drafting, editing, formatting, etc.
  2. Not have clear goals in mind. I never went in wanting fame or fortune. Still, it would have been nice to set clearer goals so I didn’t have to be flustered every time I had no idea what to do next.
  3. Isolate myself from other bloggers by not commenting and interacting. I regret this. I’m sorry I was such a horrible blogger in the beginning.
  4. Follow back everyone who followed me or liked one of my posts. I followed many blogs and have since diminished the rate at which I click the follow button. Sorry, not sorry. I’m selective, I’m picky, and I can’t possibly keep up with everybody.
  5. Take the important things for granted. You never know what you have and how good you have it until it’s gone.
  6. Refuse to ask for help. Thankfully, some kind souls bestowed their wisdom upon me.
  7. Be impersonal. I must’ve sounded like a human without any personality. Robot Herminia.
  8. Forget to cherish every part of the journey. Time, where have you gone?
  9. Not include visuals or pictures. Because I didn’t make it a habit to, I don’t try as hard now. But I am working on it.
  10. Beat myself up for every mistake. I think I’m getting better at this.

And yes, I still do some of the above.


Blogging Realization

It took me a while to realize it’s a good idea to interact with other bloggers.

If you’re going to start a blog or already have one, keep in mind the following:

Visit other blogs as often as possible.

Comment on various posts as much as you can.

And be happy for each other all the time.


Before You Become A Blogger—A Pledge

  1. I promise to stay patient.
  2. I promise to persist despite any difficulties.
  3. I promise to persevere through tough or tumultuous times.
  4. I swear I will never take myself too seriously.
  5. I swear I will never take what anyone says personally.
  6. I swear I will never take from others without giving back mutually. 
  7. I pledge to respect myself.
  8. I pledge to respect this community.
  9. I pledge to respect the blogging industry.
  10. I vow to never make excuses about blogging (or lack thereof), for any reason, no matter how valid. 
  11. I vow to never complain about trivial matters such as likes (or lack of), followers (or lack of), re-blogs (or lack of).
  12. I vow to never stop blogging, writing, editing, revising, reading, communicating, interacting, posting, publishing, and anything that makes a blogger a blogger.