3 Reasons Why I Write

I write for many reasons. Here are three:

  1. To kill time. If I couldn’t write, I don’t know how I would spend 24 hours a day every day. But because I do write, 24 is not enough. It’s never enough.
  2. To kill characters. I hope you read the previous sentence the way I meant it. To kill characters who are based on people I don’t like in real life. Trust me when I say there are many. 
  3. To kill my soul. Writing has taken me to dark places I didn’t know I needed to go. But I’m glad I did.

I’m going to assume you write. Why do you?


    12 Ways To Kill A Character

    Kill your darlings. Murder your darlings. Or maybe a character isn’t exactly your darling. In that case, you have an even easier job ahead of you.

    By no means is this list extensive or exhaustive. It’s merely suggestive. Not in any particular order either. Like all the lists that have come before it.

    I won’t get into too much detail. That’s what your imagination is for.

    • Stabbing
    • Shooting
    • Choking
    • Pushing (off a building)
    • Burning
    • Poisoning
    • Drowning
    • Crashing (a vehicle into him or her)
    • Beating
    • Bombing
    • Hanging
    • Eating (them alive after you cook everything well)

    I’m not a serial killer. I’m a writer. And I haven’t killed too many characters.


    5 Reasons Why Being A Writer Is Awesome

    1. You get to make people fall in love.
    2. You get to make people fall out of love.
    3. You can kill anyone you want.
    4. You can create someone you want.
    5. You’re awesome.

    How To Be A Happier Writer (Part 2)

    1. Don’t hate.
    2. Don’t hesitate.
    3. Don’t ignore.
    4. Don’t invade.
    5. Don’t jeer.
    6. Don’t judge.
    7. Don’t kid.
    8. Don’t kill.
    9. Don’t label.
    10. Don’t lie.
    11. Don’t marginalize.
    12. Don’t mock.
    13. Don’t neglect.
    14. Don’t nettle.

    Self Doubt

    Self doubt can kill you. Especially if you are a writer.