You’re Not Just A Writer, You’re Also…

  • a mother/father/brother/sister
  • a friend
  • a human being
  • a lawyer/singer/baker/insert your occupation
  • an editor
  • a reader (I hope)
  • a beta reader (sometimes)
  • your own best friend (maybe)
  • your worst critic (probably)
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Lawyer Or Journalist?

Some people think I want to be a lawyer. Others think I want to be a journalist.

In truth, I don’t want to be either. Would I survive as a lawyer or a journalist? Could I be one or the other for the rest of my life? Probably not.

Would I survive as a lawyer or a journalist? Could I be either for the rest of my life? Probably not to both questions.

Am I really that unclear about what I love to do and what I aspire to be?

Maybe I’m giving off the wrong vibes.

Because I’m never writing in a notebook. And I’m never posting on my blogs.

But I am sarcastic.


Copying, Stealing, and Plagiarizing

I’m frustrated and infuriated with several people who decided to copy, steal, and plagiarize my ideas.

If you’re going to use somebody else’s ideas, give them credit. If you can’t give them credit, don’t use their idea.

Don’t claim it as your own.

That’s just wrong.

See I’m okay with people being inspired by others or learning from them. In fact, I am all for it.

Individuals who think it is okay to copy and paste are my problem. It should be obvious that changing one word does not make the idea yours. Changing one word or one line does not magically make you the creator of the work.

To me, the worst kind of stealing is stealing intellectual property.

I guess these imbeciles want to deal with the wrath of a writer. As well as the wrath of someone who has dreamed of being an IP lawyer.


A List Of Careers For The Aspiring Writer

By no means is this an extensive list but these careers are writing related and most will help polish your skills while helping to pay the bills. Until you become a famous author that is.

  1. Advertising copywriter
  2. Blogger
  3. Newspaper editor
  4. Book reviewer
  5. English teacher
  6. Proofreader
  7. Journalist
  8. Writing tutor
  9. Publisher
  10. Actor
  11. Publicist
  12. Librarian
  13. Communication specalist
  14. Lawyer
  15. Critic
  16. Politician
  17. Director
  18. Researcher
  19. Motivational speaker
  20. Television reporter