The Life Of A Writer

The writing life is a unique one to say the least.

Being a writer teaches you how to be patient. Especially when all your characters take one look at your outline, laugh, and do the exact opposite. I don’t outline for this reason. I’ve been burned many times.

Eventually, you lower your expectations until you no longer have any. Can’t be disappointed if you don’t set yourself up to be, am I right? Besides, the best moments are the ones you never see coming.

What do you mean you’re publishing my story? That’s impossible! You must be mistaken.

You learn to reject rejection.

You rejected me? No way! That’s your loss, not mine.

This post is already trending in the direction of a certain bad writer being in full denial.

Over time, you hone your stalking, er, observing skills. Stalking isn’t ok. But observing people is a fine skill to have in your arsenal. It’s better than watching paint dry.

Obviously, you constantly deal with things not going your way because life never goes the way you expect it to. What’s more, other human beings do a great job messing up your well-laid plans. Yes, fictional characters are people too.

There’s a beauty in being a teacher and student at the same time. After all, you become an expert at whatever you’re writing about. Hello, Google.

Sooner rather than later, you’ll get ink stains on everything. I literally mean everything. Your fingers and hands. Your legs and toes. Your wallet and bag. Your desk and bed. But you embrace them because what kind of writer doesn’t have ink on some body part at any given time?

This universe bestows upon many greats the secrets to handling hand cramps. In fact, you might even strengthen your hands so much you never feel pain ever again. When’s the last time you had a hand cramp? Surely cramps are a sign of someone who doesn’t write often.

Can you tell I was in some kind of mood while penning this post? I’m half joking. Please don’t flay me alive.


The One Thing I Love Most About Being A Writer

I can write and write for hours without my hand hurting.

How is that useful you may ask?

It is when you are a student. When all your exams consist of an essay or is entirely an essay. Being able to write for two, three, four hours straight without your hand cramping up is an extremely beneficial skill/ability/talent.

Thank you years of writing. Thank you countless early mornings and late nights. Thank you filled notebooks and lengthy novels.

Finally I must thank myself for choosing to be a writer. It was the best choice I’ve ever made in my lifetime.


The Plight Of A Writer

I don't need anyone telling me I'm a good writer. I need someone to tell me how I can become a better writer.


One Of Many Writer Struggles

When you say/write something grammatically sound but others are confused, and they incorrectly correct you.


Misconceptions About Writers And Writing

Ah, I probably have said this before but it is worth repeating: writers are complicated creatures. Perhaps writing in and of itself is such a complex art that those who attempt to master it can find themselves in a world where nobody understands their existence and what exactly the writing life entails. So here to clear the air on a few false beliefs about writers and the art of writing, I have created an easy to follow blog post. Bolded is the misconception and italicized is my sarcastic, smart, or snappy remark.

Writers make tons of money!
To which I reply: in what world?

Anyone can be a writer because all you have to do is write.
That’s the equivalent of saying anyone can fly a plane or anyone can perform brain surgery.

Writers have it easy because…*insert an ignorant and incorrect reason*.
Are you asking for trouble?


A Fact About Writers

Fact about me: I am an eloquent writer but a disastrous speaker.

Fact about writers: A writer is much more articulate with a pen and a piece of paper rather than a PA system and a podium.

I don’t know about you but verbal communication is a great struggle.


My Number One Writing Problem

Forgetting to save.


Some Days

There are some days where I wake up craving to write. Then there are other days…