Writers Need A Lifetime Supply Of…


You can’t just write the same story all your life, can you? Guy falls in love with girl. Guy falls in love with girl. Guy falls in love with girl. Okay, maybe you can.


What did writers do before pens were invented? Don’t ask me. I wouldn’t know. I’m the user of many pens and the owner of even more. 


I have very few living, breathing human beings as friends. But you can never have too many fictional friends. 


Small books, big books. All kinds of books.


Because as much fun as it is to read stories, it’s fun to create them as well.


20 Items On My Writer’s Wishlist

  1. A library all to myself. 
  2. A lifetime supply of stationery: black pens, blue pens, red pens, papers of assorted colours, pencils, sticky notes, notebooks, and everything else I could buy at Staples. 
  3. An endless supply of magical plot solutions that will make sense in my book. 
  4. A lifetime supply of USB’s to back up my writing.
  5. A stash of snacks: chocolate bars are preferred.  
  6. An eBook reader with a million books on it. 
  7. A Mac laptop with all the programs and software an aspiring writer could ever use.
  8. Comfortable earphones custom-made to fit in my ears.
  9. Noise cancelers so I will never be bothered again when I am writing. 
  10. An awesome support system filled with family, friends, fans, followers, and readers.
  11. Skilled editors who provide excellent advice.
  12. A personal trainer who will force me to exercise every day. 
  13. A generous friend who will tell me to go outside and see the world once in a blue moon.
  14. An agent who has a keen eye for what sells and what doesn’t.
  15. A select few individuals who will be “excellent enemies” and will push me to prove myself. 
  16. A full time housekeeper so I may work without worrying about washing the dishes or moping the floors. 
  17. A handful of people who know everything there is to know about law, business, politics, technology, wars, history, etc. 
  18. A celebrity willing to endorse everything I write. At least all the good, better-than-mediocre-stuff that I write. 
  19. Anyone witty enough to create a Twitter account to promote my blog. 
  20. Someone to sustain this blog after I pass away.