The Eternal Audience of One – Rémy Ngamije | A Book Review

The Eternal Audience of One - Rémy Ngamije

Title: The Eternal Audience of One

Author: Rémy Ngamije

Genre: Literary Fiction

About the book: It’s a standalone novel following a young man named Séraphin who flees Rwanda during the Civil War and starts a new life in South Africa. It’s a coming of age story that explores relationships, identity, and race.

I received a copy from Simon & Schuster via a giveaway hosted by Book Riot.

First impressions: The title is interesting. For some reason, it took me a while to make out the cover. I was looking forward to seeing where the story would go. There’s a short prologue, and I found myself enjoying the beginning of the book.

Characters: Séraphin is a complex individual who makes mistakes but matures along the way. He’s not perfect and isn’t always the most likeable. That said, I liked Séraphin’s interactions with his family and friends. The novel follows a lot of different characters. For me, it was tough to keep track of everyone at first.


“It’s easy to live and work with someone when you don’t owe them an apology.”

Writing: It’s a bit under 400 pages long, and the chapters aren’t too long. Ngamije examines many different issues in detail. There were some sexual and explicit scenes as well.

Final thoughts: I didn’t know how the author would wrap everything up, but I was satisfied by the ending. If you want to read a funny yet serious story about a young man growing up in a new city, check out The Eternal Audience of One.

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