Creative Writing

Love Each Other | A Poem

we take our losses in stride

can’t win every time

after all we know what it’s like

to be the underdog

with nothing to lose

but a lot to prove

there’s nothing we can’t do

because our love for each other

is all that matters


Hating, Creating, Loving

I’m going through that really annoying phase where I hate everything I create.

But I’m not creating hate. Or spreading it. And I hope everyone else can do the same. 

Create love. Spread love. Inspire love. 


Do’s And Don’ts Of Loving A Writer

Co-existing with a writer isn’t difficult, especially if you follow the advice below.

Do what they ask when they ask.

It’s easy. It’s simple. It’s uncomplicated.

Don’t interrupt a writer when they’re working.

Work includes: reading, blogging, pretty much everything.

Do remember details.

The writer remembers.

Don’t get into an argument, thinking you’ll win.

If you can’t fulfill the former, you’ll find out the hard way.

Don’t call them lazy.

Or anything else that isn’t true.

Do give them distance.

And space. And time. And the entire world.

Do listen when they speak.

You have two ears for a reason.

Don’t touch their things without permission.

Misplacing them is punishable by imprisonment.

Do support and encourage them.

This should be obvious.

Don’t expect a fast response like ever.

Don’t say I never told you so.

Loving a writer is much like loving a very special human being. Don’t you agree?


What Motivates This Writer

My ego.

It’s fragile.

My modesty.

It’s not nearly as fragile.

That self-critical voice.

More critical than my worst enemy.

That self-loving voice.

More loving than my best friend.

People who overestimate me.

I can’t let them down.

People who underestimate me.

I can’t disappoint them either.

Personal Reflection

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day my lovelies.

I want to thank you for supporting me and maybe, possibly loving me as well. If that’s the case, the feeling is completely mutual. And I hope it will remain mutual for years to come.

I spent most of my day reading, writing, and of course, blogging. What else would I be doing on this fine Saturday?

Did you spend your Valentine’s Day doing what you love? Did you spend it with the people you love?

Personal Reflection

Love Yourself

Love yourself so no one else has to. Respect yourself so no one else needs to.

Treat yourself too.

I went from trying to sound profound and inspirational to well, that.

Don’t doubt thyself!

Now I’m sounding like a phony.


Changes To WordPress

I love and hate the recent changes WordPress has undergone simultaneously.

Some of the changes are great…others not so much.

But it is interesting to see how far WordPress has come. I wish I had a picture of what the platform looked like a year ago compared to what it looks like today so I can show you what I mean. Despite the length of time, I can picture the “before” and “after” in my head quite clearly.

Are you loving the changes? Hating them? Somewhere in between?

Personal Reflection

Wonderful People Of The World

Hey wonderful people of the world!

Know that someone, somewhere loves you.

I hope you love someone too whether that is your mother, a grandparent, your sister, a friend, your cousin, a teacher, etc. It’s okay if you don’t.

Even so, I want you to find something or someone you love. And love him or her or it forever.

That isn’t so hard, is it? That isn’t too much to ask for, right?

I know that Valentine’s Day was yesterday but that doesn’t mean you stop loving someone any less.

One of my teachers believe you have to “keep the love alive.” Well, let me be the first to tell you to keep the love alive year round.

Buy her chocolates on a day which has no particular significance. Cook him dinner as a surprise one night. I know the above examples were completely cliche and stereotypical but you know what I mean.

Love isn’t a one-day thing. Love isn’t supposed to be a short-term fling.

I have one last thing to say before I call it a day…

Stay wonderful.