Clear Formatting Tip

I don’t know if I’m going to explain this clearly enough but here goes.

If you ever wanted to clear the formatting of text (think size, style, spacing, etc.), paste the text into the address bar of your web browser. Then copy it again and voila, your text won’t be bold, red, 32 pt. font, so on.

It works like a charm every time.

I do this so often.

Try it. See the magic with your own eyes.

Maybe you knew about this years ago. In that case, you should have told me earlier!


Day 29—NaNoWriMo: Can you survive one more day?

Can you survive one more day?You can. You will.

You’ll survive because you are a writer.

This is your job. Or, you know, your second job.

One more day.

Hang in there.

Sit. Write. Repeat.

That’s the magic. That’s the secret.

Close every tab. Open your word processor (if you haven’t already). Then get to work.

Know that come December you can take it easy.

Writers: bliss is right around the corner.