Why You Should Date Or Marry A Writer

  • They know how to dispose of bodies.
  • They’ve memorized the meanings of random names.
  • They clean as a way to procrastinate.
  • They’re friends with other writers.
  • They tell real and fictional stories.
  • They’ll listen when you talk.
  • They want to go to bookstores.
  • They give people space.
  • They have the best taste.
  • They don’t have a sleeping schedule.

What I Am Married To

Sorry I am already taken. I am married to writing.

Personal Reflection

30 Before 30 Bucket List

I didn’t know I created a 30 before 30 bucket list. But I did. Like five years ago.

  1. Start a clothing line.
  2. Open a restaurant.
  3. Write a travel guide.
  4. Publish a book.
  5. Purchase a car.
  6. Renovate my home.
  7. Stay at a luxury hotel.
  8. Get married.
  9. Appear on a talk show.
  10. Run a marathon.
  11. Give back to others.
  12. Sing well.
  13. Act in a movie.
  14. Be a leader.
  15. Meet the members of Simple Plan.
  16. Try an exotic dish.
  17. Visit relatives in China.
  18. Graduate high school with a 90 percent average.
  19. Go to university.
  20. Speak at an event.
  21. Win a dance competition.
  22. Be fluent in 3 languages.
  23. Help other teenagers.
  24. Sky dive.
  25. Volunteer at the library.
  26. Cook an entire meal on my own.
  27. Love my job.
  28. Fund-raise for a charity.
  29. Learn to swim well.
  30. Coordinate a party.

Most of these are still relevant and applicable today.


Why I Would Marry My Blog and My Fellow Bloggers

Because I could leave for a month, come back, and still be welcomed with open arms. I would never do that since I’d experience serious withdraw symptoms, but it’s nice to know that I can. I like the idea of being married to someone (or something), yet still having the freedom to live my life how I want.

Because I created this blog. If I were to die tomorrow, a part of me would remain in this world forever and forever.

Because I don’t love anyone else as much as I love my blog and all of you.