Children of the Fox – Kevin Sands | A Book Review

Children of the Fox - Kevin Sands

Title: Children of the Fox

Author: Kevin Sands

Genre: Fantasy (Middle Grade)

About the book: It’s the first novel in a series that follows five teenagers with special talents who try to steal a valuable treasure from the most powerful sorcerer in town. They’re used to working alone, but the five need to trust each other during the heist.

I received an advanced reader copy from Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review.

First impressions: I haven’t read middle grade in a long time, but The premise intrigued me, so I was excited to see how the story would play out. I also love the title and cover.

Characters: Callan is a con artist and Meriel is an acrobat who’s good with knives. Gareth loves to read and research, Lachlan can obtain any resource, and Foxtail wears an eyeless mask but climbs walls with ease. They all grew on me throughout the book. I really enjoyed their interactions and conversations.


“No job’s done till it’s paid.”

Writing: It’s a little over 400 pages long with short chapters. The beginning sets up the upcoming heist, and the ending sets the stage for the next novel in the series. I think this story can appeal to both young and old readers. It has a fun plot that’s easy to follow, blending both fantastical and realistic elements.

Final thoughts: I didn’t anticipate some of the twists, especially at the end. I think Sands did a great job, and I’m curious to see what happens in the series. I would highly recommend Children of the Fox if you’re a fan of heist stories like Ocean’s Eleven or Six of Crows.

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A Q&A About Book Genres

Questions. Answers. Book genres.

What’s your favourite genre?

That’s a tough one. As of right now, I have to say thriller. Any type. Legal, medical, even political. I’m not the biggest fan of politics, even though I took a class in high school. Shudders.

Least favourite?

Romance. Or anything remotely resembling it. Thanks but no thanks. Maybe when I have a boyfriend, I won’t roll my eyes while reading romantic scenes, but I can’t make any guarantees.

What genre(s) do you write?

Realistic fiction because contemporary young adult is all I know how to write.

Which ones do you read?

Almost everything. You name it, I probably read it, unless the book involves two main characters falling in love within the space of two pages.

What do you want to read more of?

Historical fiction hands down. I don’t read enough about history, but whenever I do, I tend to enjoy the story.

Read less of?

Chick lit romance. Duly noted.

The first genre you fell in love with?

Realistic fiction in general. I went through middle grade chapter books like a girl with nothing better to do. Because I had nothing better to do.

Any you’ve fallen out of love with?

I used to read manga and comics. I haven’t fallen out of love with them per se, but perhaps I’ve fallen more in love with other genres. Maybe I’ll pick them up again in my retirement.

The genre associated with your favourite book or author?

Young adult fantasy and science fiction. I’ve come to appreciate these books more than I used to when I was a narrow-minded kid.

The genre associated with your least favourite book or author?

I kid you not, it’s a young adult fantasy and science fiction. Huh.

The most hit or miss genre in your opinion?

This might explain my two previous answers. Fantasy and science fiction by far. The author either hits the mark or misses it completely for me.

An underrated genre?

All of them. Sports fiction specifically.

Most challenging genre to read or write?

An epic fantasy because I don’t have the chops to pull that sort of book off. Exhibit A: what’s world-building…

As always, I’d love to know your answers in the comments below. Or you could write a blog post answering the questions above.