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Mirages | A Poem

Why is it so hard to change what I hate?

To become someone different but still okay.

Why do I always blame myself?

Never point the finger at anyone else.

How do I go on every day?

Without giving up, losing faith.

Is there a secret I don’t know?

Some sort of shortcut to take.

Have I ever seen a miracle?

I memorized these mirages though.

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Reading And Writing Saves Lives

A week ago, I published a post called Why Do I Do This To Myself?

I managed without a miracle.

Today, I want to share the link to my finished blog on illiteracy.

I believe that reading and writing saves lives. And I don’t care who you are or where you come from, you deserve to be literate.

Books and stories have saved my life.

Want to know what I’ve realized from this experience? When people ask what I want to do, I reply with “I want to write”. In truth, I don’t just want to write. I want to help people.


Why Do I Do This To Myself?

This morning, I made another blog. Fortunately, it’s only for a school project. Once I’m done, I won’t need to update or post frequently. Unless I’m really, really bored…which never happens these days.

I did this once already.

Now I’m doing it again.

A few days ago, I thought:

“Oh, creating and designing another blog is easy. This won’t take any time at all. My teacher will surely be impressed with how professional the site looks. It’s bound to be a win-win scenario.”

Of course, those weren’t my exact thoughts. I don’t sound like that when I think.

What I’m thinking now:

“I need a miracle to finish on time. Or twenty.”

I must have lost my mind when I thought making another blog would take no time at all. Okay fine, I figured it would be a few hours of work at most. It’s going to take me several days, literally.

At least, I’ll have fun and enjoy the experience. I can’t say the same for many other projects.

Who knows, I may even learn a thing or two about blogging or WordPress.