Personal Reflection

20 Defining Moments In My Life Thus Far

  1. August 22, 1997: I was born.
  2. Whenever I learned to read. That must have been magical.
  3. When I learned to write. Quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to me.
  4. The first time I tried to dance.
  5. The day I started my first novel.
  6. June 2011: Elementary graduation. Unfortunately, I felt ill and had to leave early.
  7. The day I finished the first draft of my novel. This was a big deal then. It still is now.
  8. 2012: My English teacher at the time pulled me out of my math class and nearly gave me a heart attack. She told me an essay I wrote was going to be published.
  9. April 1, 2013: I started this blog and never looked back. What a fun April Fool’s on myself.
  10. April 2, 2013: I published my first blog post. Let’s not talk about the cringe levels.
  11. November 14, 2014: I attended a film festival, where I got to watch my own video on the big screen.
  12. June 2015: High school graduation. I didn’t fall sick this time around. Thank goodness it was only four years long. Four years too many if you ask me.
  13. September 4, 2015: My short story placed third in a writing competition.
  14. September 14, 2015: The first day of university.
  15. February 17, 2016: I got to watch a musical and perform a spoken word during its intermission.
  16. August 22, 2016: My 19th birthday. I also started journaling.
  17. November 22, 2016: I went to an awards ceremony for scholarship winners.
  18. April 2016: I started watching baseball more and more as the month went on.
  19. August 22, 2017: I turned two decades old.
  20. October 12 2017: I went to my first and hopefully not my last magazine launch.
Creative Writing

Back To The Beginning

Never mind the lies I told

Or the stories I forged

To admire love starts with one thing

You can’t build upon a territory without trusting something

Can we go back to the beginning?

Where the leaves changed colour and the birds used to sing

Can we go there once again?

Creative Writing

My Moment

I knew this was my moment

I knew it in my heart

That’s why I jumped

That’s why I never looked back

I knew this was my moment

I knew it from the start

That’s why I stopped

That’s why I got back up


Writing During Inappropriate Moments

The first two I’ve done before, but the last one is just for your amusement.

  1. Writing during family dinners.
  2. Writing during a lesson/lecture when a professor is trying to teach.
  3. Writing during an earthquake, tornado, and/or when the world is ending.

This is a testament to a writer’s willpower.


Writing Prompt: Most Memorable Moment

What was the most memorable moment of your life?

Memorable Moment