When Nothing Goes Your Way

When Nothing Goes Your Way

Life always goes your way and you get everything you want, said no one ever, especially if you’re a writer.

So what can you do when nothing in your novel is working out the way you’d like?

Move your body. Get up and walk away. Literally. Step back from the keyboard or piece of paper. You can and should come back. Sometimes writing is like being in a relationship with your lover. And often you’ll need space and distance. Time away from each other. Oh, what do I know…I don’t have a lover. I’ve never had one.

Stop writing. Go for a walk. Try not to twist your ankle. Go to the mall. Resist the urge to buy something you don’t need. I condone book buying though. You need books.

Suck up what sucks. Accept the fact that life sucks. Things won’t always go your way. Breathe in. Roll your eyes. Maybe curse someone’s life. I don’t condone the latter. I suggest you disregard everything I suggest.

Those are some potential solutions to your possible problems. Again, don’t hold me accountable for anything.

Personal Reflection

Those Days…

  • You do too much
  • You do too little
  • You feel alive
  • You feel dead
  • You are productive
  • You are inactive

This weekend I’ve done too much, which has made me feel alive and productive.

But now I don’t want to do anything, except sleep forever and not move a single muscle in my body.