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A New Experience: Sony Vegas

I’m learning how to use Sony Vegas day by day, little by little, because I simply refuse to use Movie Maker.

Comfort level: low.

Let’s just say Sony Vegas is a complicated program when you’re new to it.

Just a heads-up, if the finished video is any good, I may upload it on my blog.

More details to come (hopefully).


Why I Dislike Movies

Why do I dislike movies?

Because books are better.

What more do I need to say?

I will love you for the rest of my life if you purchase me a book.

On the other hand…if you make me watch a movie, especially a movie based on a book, I will want to indulge my violent tendencies by gouging your eyes out.

When that happens, you won’t be able to watch movies ever again.

You have yourself to blame.


Clubs And Teams My High School Is Missing

Talking to students from other schools got me thinking. Why does my school (MCI) lack so many clubs, committees, teams, etc? I’ll list a few of them below.

Newspaper committee. 

To be fair my school had one which lasted all but half a year give or take. Don’t quote me on that. Long story short: some grade 12’s decided to start a club they weren’t even passionate about. Hence the non-existent, sorry excuse for a newspaper committee. Anyway, a friend of mine was reading her school’s newspaper today. Another friend who goes to a different school mentioned they had one too. Which reminded me all too clearly why my high school does not have a proper newspaper. The wonderfully committed grade 12’s abandoned the project halfway through. My friends wonder why I don’t start it up.  My answer: half the school is not literate enough to read anything I write. Now that’s something you can quote me on.

Football team.

I commend our school for having many sports team, but one day, I asked about (the one team my school is missing) football. The teacher told me it was an expensive sport. Even if funds were a problem, football can’t be that much more expensive than any other athletic team. Also, I can’t help but think of every single movie and book which features a high school football team. Then again, real life is never like the movies.


Only because I think cheer and gymnastics is so much fun to watch. And dance because it’s dance. I’m a dancer. I love dancing. How can you not love dancing? Even if my school didn’t compete competitively, I think it would still be fun to have a cheer, gymnastics or dance team. What’s the problem with that?

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Surprise Saturday

I’m not too sure if this is going to be a surprise to any of you, but I’m going to stick with the title because it alliterates. Besides, “Surprise Saturday” sounds super sick. You can hate on my diction later.

Anyhow this is the surprise, which might be a bit anti-climatic or in other words, lame.

What I’ve noticed, over the years, time and time again is…

I react more to books than to movies. 

What I mean by this is…

I have laughed and cried more reading books than watching movies.

OK that’s not a fair evaluation considering I’m an avid reader and not much of an avid movie-goer. However, I think it’s safe to say that if I read 100 books and watched 100 movies, I’d have a bigger reaction to the former rather than the latter.


Cue the hating on my diction.


3 Types Of People Writers Detest

  1. People who want the credit, fame, and/or recognition but don’t want to do any work.

  2. People who act pompous and conceited yet are ignorant and foolish.

  3. People who spend two hours watching a movie but won’t spend two hours reading a book.

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Don’t You Hate It When…

A list of “Don’t you hate it when…” that mostly pertains to writers, readers, and bloggers.

  1. Don’t you hate it when you have to choose between sleeping and reading?
  2. Don’t you hate it when you suddenly become the most popular person around when you are trying to write?
  3. Don’t you hate it when people won’t shut up when you are trying to think about the only thing that matters to you, which of course is writing?
  4. Don’t you hate it when no one listens to you when you are accounting some awesome story you fell in love with?
  5. Don’t you hate it when your friends do not take your blog as seriously as you?
  6. Don’t you hate it when people spoil the ending of a book, movie, etc?
  7. Don’t you hate it when you read more than you actually write?
  8. Don’t you hate it when people don’t like to read and write as much as you?