17 Things To Do In 2017


  1. Compose a poem that is 17 lines long.
  2. Write 17 stories in one month.
  3. Read a book published in 2017.
  4. Read 17 books in 7 months.
  5. Publish 17 blog posts for 17 consecutive days.
  6. Learn how to say one word in 17 different languages.
  7. Memorize 17 words in another language.
  8. Listen to 17 new songs.
  9. Watch 17 old movies.
  10. Run for 17 minutes.
  11. Dance for 17 minutes.
  12. Try 17 foods you’ve never had before.
  13. Eat healthy for 17 days in a row.
  14. Develop a new habit in 17 days.
  15. Smile at 17 strangers.
  16. Meet 17 different people.
  17. Connect with 17 friends and/or acquaintances.

“Would You Rather” Book Tag

I was tagged by a beautiful, lovely, and wonderful blogger, and I could go on forever, but I won’t. Don’t do yourself a disservice by neglecting to check out who I’m talking about. She runs this fabulous blog over at Inkcouragement. Phantomwriter143 is such a nice URL. It rolls off the tongue. Try saying it 143 times. I think you’ll agree with me.

Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones?

Trilogies because if I had to read standalones and only standalones, I’d convert them into a trilogy by writing the next two books myself.

Would you rather only read male or female authors?

This one is terrible. Can I refuse to answer? I’m going to say male even though I’m currently reading a book written by a female. Does anyone want to go through my Goodreads and create a male to female ratio?

Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

Barnes and Noble although I’ve never been to one. Is anyone willing to take me there? I’ll pay for your purchase.

Would you rather books were made into TV shows or movies?

Neither. But if I had to pick, I’d say TV shows. The one movie adaption I watched (i.e. TMR) left me wanting more.

Would you rather read only 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

When it comes to reading, the more the better. Plus reading 5 books a week would be the ultimate dream.

Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?

Professional author hands down. I’m not a good reviewer. I’m not sure I’d be a good author either. A girl can dream. Let a girl dream.

Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

I used to want to be a librarian. Now I’d much rather be a bookseller.

Would you rather read only your favorite genre, or every other genre but your favorite?

All other genres because I need variety. Plus reading the same authors over and over again would drive me crazy.

Would you rather only read ebooks or physical books?

Physical books. I have yet to read and finish one entire ebook.

I tag all of you because excluding people just isn’t my thing.

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Things I Don’t Know Much About

Me being me, I like to think I know at least a little about everything. But I’ll admit there are some things I don’t know much about.


At one point, I knew nothing about football. If you think about it, at one point, you knew literally nothing about anything in this world. But watching parts of the Super Bowl over the years has taught me enough to get by.


I don’t know what I know less about: football or cars. Maybe I’ll marry a guy that will know a lot about both. What a stereotypical comment. My bad.


Obviously, I’d be lying if I said I watch movies more often than I read books. So my movie knowledge is severely lacking. Don’t believe me? Quote any line from any movie. I won’t get the reference.

Conclusion: I wouldn’t fair too well writing an essay on any of these without doing in-depth research prior to. And no, I’ve never concluded an essay the same way I concluded this post. Perks of being a blogger. Perks of being my own boss.


Countdown To Christmas: What Not To Give A Writer

This list may or may not apply to all writers. Still, I wouldn’t give a writer any of these. It’d be different if he or she has an obsession for smelling flowers, cleaning the house, and watching bad movies.


I doubt many of you gift flowers during the holiday season. But for future occasions (like Valentine’s Day), don’t give a writer flowers. Why would you when you can give them something useful (like a notebook) instead? Okay, maybe I am only saying this because I’ve had some bad experiences with flowers. It’s a long story.

Cleaning Products

Hygiene items fall under this category as well. Do I really need to elaborate on this one?

Tickets To A Bad Movie Based On A Good Book

Unless you want to ruin a perfectly good book, avoid at all costs. I’ve avoided watching many movies for this exact reason. The book will always be better. Always.


Why I Dislike Movies

Why do I dislike movies?

Because books are better.

What more do I need to say?

I will love you for the rest of my life if you purchase me a book.

On the other hand…if you make me watch a movie, especially a movie based on a book, I will want to indulge my violent tendencies by gouging your eyes out.

When that happens, you won’t be able to watch movies ever again.

You have yourself to blame.


Clubs And Teams My High School Is Missing

Talking to students from other schools got me thinking. Why does my school (MCI) lack so many clubs, committees, teams, etc? I’ll list a few of them below.

Newspaper committee. 

To be fair my school had one which lasted all but half a year give or take. Don’t quote me on that. Long story short: some grade 12’s decided to start a club they weren’t even passionate about. Hence the non-existent, sorry excuse for a newspaper committee. Anyway, a friend of mine was reading her school’s newspaper today. Another friend who goes to a different school mentioned they had one too. Which reminded me all too clearly why my high school does not have a proper newspaper. The wonderfully committed grade 12’s abandoned the project halfway through. My friends wonder why I don’t start it up.  My answer: half the school is not literate enough to read anything I write. Now that’s something you can quote me on.

Football team.

I commend our school for having many sports team, but one day, I asked about (the one team my school is missing) football. The teacher told me it was an expensive sport. Even if funds were a problem, football can’t be that much more expensive than any other athletic team. Also, I can’t help but think of every single movie and book which features a high school football team. Then again, real life is never like the movies.


Only because I think cheer and gymnastics is so much fun to watch. And dance because it’s dance. I’m a dancer. I love dancing. How can you not love dancing? Even if my school didn’t compete competitively, I think it would still be fun to have a cheer, gymnastics or dance team. What’s the problem with that?


We Can’t Be Friends If…

We can’t be friends if…

  • you dog-ear the pages in a book.
  • you refuse to read something outside of your comfort zone.
  • you hate Stephen King, James Patterson, or Jodi Picoult.
  • you rather watch a movie than read the book.
  • you write in the margins of novels.
  • you don’t use a dictionary or a thesaurus frequently.
  • you treat books worse than you treat your friends.
  • you think libraries and bookstores are boring places.

There is a chance you can be my friend if you…

  • take care of books,
  • read a bit of everything,
  • appreciate authors,
  • prefer books over movies,
  • avoid ruining books,
  • look up words,
  • love books more than people,
  • enjoy surrounding yourself with books.
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Surprise Saturday

I’m not too sure if this is going to be a surprise to any of you, but I’m going to stick with the title because it alliterates. Besides, “Surprise Saturday” sounds super sick. You can hate on my diction later.

Anyhow this is the surprise, which might be a bit anti-climatic or in other words, lame.

What I’ve noticed, over the years, time and time again is…

I react more to books than to movies. 

What I mean by this is…

I have laughed and cried more reading books than watching movies.

OK that’s not a fair evaluation considering I’m an avid reader and not much of an avid movie-goer. However, I think it’s safe to say that if I read 100 books and watched 100 movies, I’d have a bigger reaction to the former rather than the latter.


Cue the hating on my diction.