Personal Reflection

When You Feel Like You Aren’t Good Enough

You are. You’re enough.

Pick yourself up and brush off the dust. This journey is your own. But that doesn’t mean you’re alone. Someone cares. You might not think anyone does, but there is a person out there.

You always want to do more. But you only have 24 hours in the day. You can’t accomplish everything in one night. After all, no one is an overnight success.

Sometimes you feel lost. Then again, you’re finding your way just like everyone else.

No matter how long you’ve been doing something, you’re still learning all the time.

You don’t want to settle, so it’s difficult to feel satisfied. Make sure you celebrate small wins because they lead to bigger victories.

The world isn’t fair. Life isn’t fair. All the more reason to be kind to yourself.

You’ve set the bar so high. So you keep reaching and falling short. One day, you will reach the stars. You’ll be higher than you’ve ever been before.

In an age where everything seems to happen instantaneously, it can be hard to be patient. You might want to quit. You’ll wonder if your destination is worth it. Trust your instincts.

Focus on the process, not the product. Concentrate on the things you can control. Don’t worry about what you can’t.

Look ahead. Move on. Imagine a better future.

Live a life you will not regret. Sometimes you only have one chance.

When you fail, remember you’re one step closer to success. None of your mistakes are in vain if you learn from them.

Drown out the noise, the negativity. Surround yourself around positive people.

Support others because beneath our differences, we’re all the same in the end.

You are good enough.

Personal Reflection

15 Things I Hate

I feel like I’ve mentioned most of these things either indirectly or addressed them completely.

  1. Smudges.
  2. Public washrooms.
  3. Small spaces.
  4. Mud.
  5. Tardiness.
  6. Disappointment.
  7. Bad pain.
  8. Bad germs.
  9. Bad manners.
  10. Arrogance.
  11. Insects.
  12. Losing.
  13. Negativity.
  14. Liars.
  15. Most people.

I also hate redundancy, but I’m redundant by nature.

And yes, I am very much a hypocrite.


More Reasons I Love The WordPress Community

I love that the community is so small yet so large at the same time.

Bloggers I know support other bloggers I know.

It’s wonderful.

Can we also appreciate the fact that bloggers understand the plight of bloggers.

I don’t even have to explain why I didn’t blog yesterday because you get it. Even if you think you don’t, you do.

That’s how wonderful this community is.

I refuse to add more negativity to the world right now, so I’m sending you positive vibes.


3 Things You Must Do When Dating A Writer


If you don’t read, what are you even doing with your life? Seriously, get it together. What’s that? You hate reading? Well, I hate you. Same thing.


If you can’t listen, you can’t communicate and if you can’t communicate, you can’t court a writer. It won’t work. Try it. I dare you.


If you like frowning more than smiling, you have a problem. Writers deal with enough negativity as it stands. Must you ruin their lives even more?


More Negativity—Sorry!…5 Reasons To Quit Writing

Want to know the sad, twisted truth? Well I’m going to tell you anyway. Here are 5 reasons why you should give up and quit writing, forever. *Gasp* Did she just say forever? Yes, yes she did.


So sorry, so sad. Someone had to tell you. What are the chances you are in the big leagues with other incredible writers? What is the likelihood your writing excellent? What are the odds you are close to being a SPECTACULAR writer? Almost none. Next to impossible. Very slim.

But even if you are a good, above average, better than mediocre writer…


Even if you think that making it to Amazon’s best seller is going to translate into you raking in cash until you’re practically rolling in dough, you, my friend, are wrong. A couple hundred here, a couple thousand there. If you’re lucky, you might be able to buy another book to add to your collection? Then again, don’t even think about that private jet. Don’t go there. Heck, I’ll bet everything I have ever earned from my writing career into this: a panhandler can make more money begging for money off the streets in a year than an average writer/author/blogger will. Not like I much to lose.

So might as well quit while you still have the chance.


Uh, editing tarnishes your style? Or outlining is a waste of time? Wait but brainstorming can be done while you’re writing because it’s too boring to sit down and think? If you hate any aspect to writing, you’re better off finding some other activity you actually enjoy. I don’t know go swimming, rock-climbing, sewing, snorkeling, skiing, knitting, cooking, dancing, singing, drawing, painting, dancing, scrap-booking, gaming, cheer-leading, weightlifting, juggling, chain mail making! Anything else but writing.


Don’t you? So why haven’t you given up yet? You know stringing word after word, sentence after sentence, chapter after chapter, and making sure it makes sense is no easy task. In fact, writing a novel is daunting. More like haunting. But I rest my case. Read on.


You’re in the wrong industry. The door is that way.