Creative Writing

New Year Poem Dedicated To Writers (With Rhyme)

Let this be the year you finally say

You are a writer in your own special way

To early mornings and late nights

To endless discussions and trivial fights


May you finish what is unfinished

May you publish what is unpublished

Focus on the things that matter

Remember nothing arrives on a sliver platter


Rise above the little things

Don’t kill all your darlings

Let 2014 be the best year it can possibly be

Contiune to write and be free

Creative Writing · Personal Reflection

Happy New Year Poem (For 2014 With Rhyme)

Here’s to the new year

May 2014 bring lots of good cheer

Wishing you succeed in what you set out to do

May you find success and happiness too


You’ve worked so hard and come so far

So reach for the sky and wish upon a star

Never lose that fire in your heart

Never let anyone tear your dreams apart


Don’t let life pass you by

Don’t let go before saying goodbye

Nothing’s ever built to last

Not this year or the past


I hope you will cherish the last day of 2013 and I wish everyone a wonderful new year!