Personal Reflection

You Are Not

You are not a number on the scale.

You aren’t a grade, a GPA.

You are not how much you make.

You aren’t the number of books you’ve read or the number of articles you’ve published.

You are not the friends you have on Facebook or the followers you gained on Twitter or the likes you get on Instagram.

You aren’t the views on your blog, the subscribers on your channel.

You are not any of these things.

You are so much more.


One Is Not The Same As Won

How do people confuse the two?

I can understand (kind of) other commonly misused words and I can let other mistakes slide (sort of). However, I don’t get the confusion over the number and the past tense of win. If I see “one” when the person really meant “won”, it’ll be too soon.

I’m not bashing nine year olds. I’m bashing nineteen year old, third year university students.

Bite me.

Sue me.

But don’t for the love of God, misuse the word “one” ever again.