10 Things Writers Do And Can Relate To

Writers do a lot of awesome things.

  1. Writers write. On the flip side, we also do everything we can to put off writing as long as possible.
  2. Writers get ink stains. On everything. No? Just me? I will hold my wallet up proudly for all to see and proclaim my status as a wordsmith. Or just a clumsy child who ruins everything she owns.
  3. Writers observe. Not to be confused with stalking. The two are not the same. Obviously, if you write, you would know.
  4. Writers talk to themselves. And to their dogs or cats if they have any.
  5. Writers make characters suffer. It’s part of our job to.
  6. Writers fail. All the time. If you haven’t failed and/or been rejected, who are you? You’re not human. At least, you haven’t taken great risks, lived your life.
  7. Writers drink. Coffee, tea, alcohol. We drink it all. We don’t discriminate.
  8. Writers read everything. Other people’s books, our own stories. We read a lot of words.
  9. Writers play with pens. Click. Click. Click.
  10. Writers dream and daydream. Then we dream some more.

Which of these can you relate to?


What Writers Do Best

There are many things writers can do that others can’t do. It’s probably more correct to say writers outdo non-writers in…

Refusing to speak to people for days on end.

Sorry mom, dad. And my dearest apologies to anyone who once worried whether I dropped off the face of this earth. Now you know.

Imagining scenarios that will never, ever happen in real life.

Every day, night, hour, minute, second. Everything my mind conjures up is literally impossible.

Observing human beings from the way they talk to the way they breathe. 

I’ve been wrongfully called a “stalker” and a “creep”. Non-writers are so silly sometimes.


5 Reasons Why You Are A Writer At Heart

  1. You watch and observe people. Or as most of your friends call it, you stalk people.
  2. You secretly edit everything. Verbal, written, anything.
  3. You’re a human dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia all in one.
  4. You wake up in the middle of the night to write down a brilliant idea.
  5. You love lists so much so it’s unhealthy. Maybe it’s time to open up about your addiction?

5 Things Writers Need To Do—Every Day

A list of five things I think every writer needs to or should try to do every day. But whether or not you take me up on this advice is up to you.

  1. Save religiously. In case your computer crashes or your house blows up. Or aliens attack. There is no insurance, not that I am aware of, that claim to recover lost manuscripts. And no money in the world will ever buy back your time, effort, and hard work.


  2. Read voraciously. You’ve heard this before a million times so I don’t get any points here for originality but if you are one of those people that don’t read…then I am at an utter loss for words.
  3. Write fiercely. You’re a writer. It’s your job to write. It’s also your job to find time to write. 
  4. Observe graciously. There’s a happy balance between full out stalker and causal observer. Observe people with grace. Or at least do it clandestinely. (Like me.)
  5. Ask curiously. Writers are curious creatures. We can’t help it. And like my science teacher once said, “Question Everything.”

So continue to save, read, write, observe, and ask questions. The person that benefits the most will ultimately be YOU.