The Middleman – Olen Steinhauer | A Book Review

The Middleman - Olen Steinhauer

Title: The Middleman

Author: Olen Steinhauer

Genre: Thriller

About the book: It’s about a radical group and focuses on four different characters. I received an ARC from the Goodreads giveaway program.

First impressions: I’m all for a good suspenseful thriller, but this wasn’t what I expected. I thought the story would be progress at a faster pace, but things started off slow.

I didn’t know what the novel was about at first. Once I had a better understanding of the story, I started to appreciate it a little more.

Characters: The main players include an undercover agent, a writer, an investigator, and a woman who gets involved with the organization.

I didn’t love anyone right away. I wasn’t even sure who were the good guys versus the bad ones until later. Some of them grew on me though.


“…the key to success was neither genius nor brute force but persistence.”

Writing: I’m a fan of short chapters because oftentimes, they build suspense. The author doesn’t make anything too explicit until the end. He lets you arrive at your own conclusions. I enjoyed having to piece everything together myself.

Final thoughts: The Middleman isn’t your typical fast-paced read. I’d classify it as a political thriller that comments on the United States. Many of the issues addressed have relevance in contemporary society.

It’s certainly not a book for everyone. I recommend it to those who have some interest in American history and politics.

Overall, I recognized some references but missed others. The novel is more eye-opening than anything.

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