Blogging Thoughts And Feelings

Sometimes I have an idea but feel like I can’t do justice to it. So I’ll come up with something in my head, yet that thing never translates onto the page the way I initially envisioned it.

When it comes to creativity and originality, I realize I don’t say things that haven’t been said or thought of before.

Also, no matter how long I work on a project, I can’t shake the feeling that it can be better. Worse, I can’t help but occasionally wish my blog post were perfect. At least I’m beginning to see nothing I write will ever be the most creative, the most original, etc.

That won’t stop me for putting out less than perfect posts. In other words, you’re going to have to accept my awesomeness.


Why I Am Not Pursuing Journalism

If I wrote a sentence every time someone thought I wanted to become a journalist, I would have ten novels written. Excluding those I have already written or abandoned. Clearly, fifteen year old me hated commitment.

Now I have nothing against journalists or journalism in general, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t right for me.

And who knows me better than me?

Let me get this out there so the next time someone points a finger at me and mouths the dreaded words, I’ll redirect them here.

Growing up, I fell in love with writing because I enjoyed the freedom that comes with creativity. There’s responsibility involved in creating art. Regardless, I admire creative people and I respect original thinking. Even though I write non-fiction all the time, creative writing breathes life into me. It’s like having wings and soaring through life. Writing without restrictions or limitations is the equivalent of flying to wherever I want, whenever I want, however I want.

I love writing. I will continue to love it. That doesn’t mean I want to be a journalist. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not in love with journalism. And I refuse to pursue something I’m not passionate about.

Creative Writing

The Door Revised

Because every so often I go back and improve what I’ve written. It isn’t perfect yet, but I hope the character development is getting there. The original can be found here.


The girl paced back and forth in front of the door. She had been told it was open.

She wiped her sweaty palms on the nicest dress she owned. More blood rushed to the apples of her cheeks.

Opening this door would knock down an endless row of dominos. The other possibility, leaving the door unopened, seemed like the more favourable option. However, this time, she had something to prove.

At the thought of walking away, her stomach did back flips. That’s how she knew her decision was already set in stone.

Although the young girl knew what stood beyond this door, she did not know the full details. The image she conjured in her mind was a vague outline of a face with no features. Not knowing hurt more, she realized, than being lied to.

An uneventful half hour of contemplation passed.

Her internal organs felt like they were clawing their way upwards. She realized she couldn’t delay her wait any longer.

Every so often, someone would tell her to expect the best.

But with one shaky hand on the metal door and the other on the knob, she prepared for the worst.


What Not To Do On April Fool’s Day

I’ve crafted this what not to do on April Fool’s Day post with a writing related twist.

  • Claim you are a writer when you clearly aren’t. The writer title isn’t something you can throw around like a boomerang. Take writing seriously or don’t write at all.
  • Lie about your previous accomplishments or past achievements. This is about as helpful as banging a hammer on your hand multiple times over. Be an honest writer or don’t be a writer at all.
  • Steal someone else’s work without crediting them. Why make people question your integrity by doing something so ridiculous? Stay original or stop writing.

Aside from what I’ve mentioned, use your common sense on April Fool’s Day and on every other day of the year. OK?

But I know you are all bright, intellectual people. Still, smart people make dumb choices all the time. Case in point: me.

Happy first day of April everyone! Have a wonderful day (or night).


Dear Insecure Writers

To all you wonderful writers out there, know your worth even if no one else does. 

Love your writing because it’s special, unique, original. Love yourself for the same reason.