When Writing Hurts More Than It Helps

Writing is hard. On one hand, it helps. On the other, writing hurts. It’s therapeutic at times. But some days when I pick up a pen, I return to a difficult past.

On bad writing days, I wonder why I’m wasting my time. On better ones, I tell myself there is nothing else I’d rather be doing.

Over the summer, I actually took a break from creative writing. I thought it was much needed.

I fell in love with writing because it allowed me to reclaim my happiness. Then again, writing can be painful too.

I recall the past when I write, only to realize it’s gone. I don’t have yesterday anymore. I only have today.

For better or worse, I will write. I’m never going to let anyone stop me.

Writing gives me the chance to start again. I have to make a conscious effort to start anew. Easier said than done but it must be done. Even if I spend the rest of my life trying, at least I can die knowing that I tried. I made an effort. I didn’t quit, give up. I won’t take the easy way out. That’s not fair to myself. Easy isn’t always better.


On Writing Poems That Rhyme

It’s been a while since I’ve written a poem that rhymes. From start to finish. AABBCCDD…

I’ve forgotten how wonderful and painful rhyming can be. But I love a good poem no matter the rhyme scheme. Or lack thereof.

Some words don’t rhyme too well. Others don’t rhyme with anything. When you find a perfect pair, it’s a bit of a scare.

I’m hoping my piece isn’t as cringe-worthy.


Writing Paradoxes

Writing is painful and pleasurable.

Writing is risky and secure.

Writing is imaginary and real.

Writing is vague and clear.

Writing is ugly and beautiful.