Using Feedback From Professors And Teachers

So I finally brought myself to check some of the feedback I’ve gotten on my papers. I’m trying to incorporate my professors’ comments for the final essays.

It’s great when I’m on the same page as your professor. Makes my life that much easier. And a little validation doesn’t hurt either.

At least, I’m somewhat on the right track.

I don’t love my grades. Shocking, I know.

Now if only I can ace everything else.

Even though I don’t always agree with my professors, I try to see where they’re coming from. Besides, I have no patience, so I’d make a horrible teacher.

But I certainly have my personal preferences when it comes to writing. Subjectivity will be the death of me.

I ought to keep a record of the feedback professors give me. I’m sure I get similar comments all the time.

Because I’m stubborn, I tend to do what I want, regardless of whether a teacher loves my idea or not. I’d rather work on something I’m passionate about than please the person grading my work.

I try to find my own angle, put my own spin on things. When I stumble upon a diamond in the rough, I work hard on refining the idea until it shines.

I’m a little worried at how many words I have to write and edit in the next month. But I’m a writer. What’s several thousand words in 2 weeks when I’ve written 50,000 in a month?

My problem isn’t so much the mechanical or technical aspects of writing but rather the ideas and arguments. Why? I don’t always follow instructions. So I’m a rebel.

If I elect not to pursue further education after undergrad, I may never receive feedback from a teacher or professor again once I’m done. I think that’s one thing I won’t miss.


Writing An Essay In One Day

Instead of having one week to write an essay, I had one day. I don’t know how I managed, but I did. Somehow.

Thankfully, the paper wasn’t too long. I wrote during the day. I took short breaks in between writing the first draft. At night, I edited the essay a few times before submitting it.

At least, this wasn’t an essay for school. It was for a scholarship.

I saved the wrong date. I put in the day winners would be selected rather than the deadline for submission. So I thought I had seven days. But then I checked and realized I only had one. Safe to say, I never want this to happen again.

Of course, it wasn’t the best essay I’ve ever written, but I’m happy with how the paper turned out.

Lesson learned. I should be more careful when noting down dates. Also, next time I’ll check well in advance to see if the deadline is still the same or has changed.

Present me wasn’t pleased with past me. So much for being meticulous.


This Or That: Writing Edition

Just a fun game of this or that with a writing twist because why not.

Pen or pencil?

I used to be a pencil kind of gal when I was a kid, but now I'm old. I don't make mistakes that I need to erase. I don't get ink stains on anything. There are so many reasons why I love pens, I could write a blog post on it.

Spiral or non-spiral bound notebooks?

As much as I love the look of journals without spirals, they aren't as practical for me. I can hold a spiral notebook in one hand easier. Or maybe I just don't have any arm strength.

Write in the morning or at night?

Nighttime. I tend to read and edit in the earlier hours of the day. But when the sun sets, my muse suddenly wants to come out to play. So much for sleeping eight hours every night.

Work inside or outside?

I like not having to leave my house. I can stay in my pyjamas. I don't have to do my hair or makeup. I'm lazy. That's not news.

Music or silence?

When I'm handwriting, silence. When I'm typing, music. If I had to choose just one, I'd probably play songs in the background at a soft volume.

Write a little every day or a lot every so often?

A little every day. That's what I'm currently doing because it works best for me. I like writing enough to do it even when I don't feel like pulling words from my brain and putting them onto the page.

Short stories or long novels?

I tend to write short stories and read long novels. Perhaps novellas are my true love.

Lined paper or blank paper?

Lined all the way. I'll take lines on paper over dotted, graph, etc.

Characters or plot?

The former obviously. Characters make or break a novel for me.

Which choices would you pick?

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Advice On Writing A Paper If You Have More Than One Day

Advice On Writing A Paper If You Have More Than One Day

For those times you have more than one day to write an essay. At least you didn’t procrastinate that much.

Starting is half the battle. Finishing is the other.

Make a plan.

Know what you need to do and when you need to do it by. Planning is life. Plans are death. Especially plans that change. Life throws you a surprise party? Take it in stride.

Space it out.

Research the first day. Outline the second. Write the third. You left more than two days, didn’t you?

Reward yourself well.

You wrote a draft? You made some edits? Bake your cake and eat it too. Or Netflix and chill by yourself.

Ask for feedback.

Ten words from someone you respect is more meaningful than one hundred words from someone you don’t.

Do something else.

Live for once. Read a book. Take a bath. Go to sleep. Your sanity is worth more than an assignment any day of the week.

If you don’t have as much time, I recommend reading Advice On Writing A Paper In One Day.

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Advice On Writing A Paper In One Day

How do you write a paper in one day? You don’t.

Well, you could…but it probably won’t be an award-winning one.

Let’s pretend I had to write a paper in one day though. If you’ve lived through a late night writing session, more power to you.

Here’s what I’d tell myself.

Make decisions and stick to them. 

You don’t have ten days to change your mind twenty times. Maybe you would if you started earlier. (Don’t mind my passive aggressiveness. It’s just how I talk to myself.)

Be efficient.

Whatever that means. Say what you need to say. Do what you need to do. Okay?

Use templates.

Why make more work for yourself when you don’t have to? If your paper has to be formatted the exact same way as a paper you’ve already written, you really don’t have to start from scratch. Copy and paste your own name, course code, blah blah blah into a new document. Any time you can save is time you can use.

Stop trying to perfect everything.

Move on. Let go. You can try to be perfect in the next lifetime.

Consistency, consistency, consistency.

You’d be surprised at the difference consistency makes.

Redundancy wastes your time and your reader’s time.

You don’t want that, do you? Cut out the unnecessary. Or if you’re good, don’t write what’s unnecessary in the first place.

Should I be writing an essay instead of writing a blog post about paper writing? No.

I have more than one day, so I can procrastinate.


A Step-By-Step Guide to Conquering Essays

I forgot to share my SLN article.

It’s called, Take That, Essay!” A Step-By-Step Guide to Conquering Essays For Good and writing the article basically made me pick my own brain. Then mold all the advice I could come up into coherent sentences.

The tips might not work for you. So take what does and throw away what doesn’t.

I hope the guide helps you or helps someone you share it with. Having someone in your debt is always a good thing.


Mouse Problem

I never thought I’d be saying this on my blog, but I’m currently having a bit of a mouse problem.

Because I probably wasn’t clear enough in my last statement, I’m referring to a computer mouse, not the rodent.

The device itself has been acting up lately.

At least my keyboard is running smoothly, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to type these words that you’re reading.

On the bright side, I can finally start writing that story I’ve been meaning to all along. I’m going to spend tonight writing the good old-fashioned way with paper and pen.

It’s been a few days since I have, though I feel like a century has passed since I’ve written with a pen and even longer with a pencil.


Ink Here, Ink There, Ink Everywhere

I’ve gotten ink on just about everything. The typical items like paper and cards. And the not so typical like skin and nails.

If I had a dog or a cat, I’m sure they’d be covered in pen marks. I know this to be a fact. It isn’t even a question worth debating.

So if you ever live in the same house as me, stay away. Stay far far away.

For some reason, this ink in particular isn’t washing off. I think it hates me.

But I love pens and I love them even more with every day that passes.

I still don’t know how I manage to get ink everywhere. I suppose there are worse things that could have happened.