Different Ways To Organize Your Bookshelves

Lately, I’ve been moving my books around because I’m not entirely happy with the way they’re displayed on my shelves. But I don’t know how I want to rearrange them exactly, so I decided to write a blog post about different ways you can organize your bookshelves.

By alphabetical.

Do the author’s last name or first if you’re so inclined. You might even decide to go organize according to the titles of each book. It’s up to you.

By colour.

Ombré. Rainbow. The possibilities are endless.

By genre.

Have one shelf for fantasy, one for mystery, etc. This is a good way to see what you like or dislike.

By height.

Shelves look more uniform when books are the same size. This is a fact of life. My heart breaks when I buy a novel that doesn’t fit in with the others.

By love.

Have your favourite books on one shelf. You can play favourites with novels. That’s totally ethical.

By status.

What you’ve read, what you’re currently reading, what you want to read. I have a shelf for all the books I own but haven’t read yet. Without fail, I’ll read a few novels on my to-be-read shelf only to buy many more. I almost always enable my own addiction.

By story.

Is it a standalone? A series? Also consider grouping books by the same author together. Because why not?

By type.

Paperbacks here. Hardcovers there. Easy, fast, simple. You’re good to grab and go.

By however you want.

Obviously, you can organize your books any way you like. Feel free to use one or a combination of the methods listed above.

Let me know how you organize your books. I’d love to get some inspiration for my shelves. It doesn’t help that I’m starting to run out of space either. But that’s a problem I’ll tackle another day.


“Would You Rather” Reader Edition

I’m sort of ripping off the ever so popular  Would You Rather” Book Tag. Bite me.

Feel free to answer these questions yourself in the comments below or create your own post. Whatever floats your blogging boat.

Would you rather only read new books or reread old books you’ve read in the past?

Read new books. There are too many books I have yet to read.

Would you rather only read paperbacks or hardcovers?

Paperback. They’re lighter, cheaper, and easier to carry although I don’t carry my books anywhere.

Would you rather only read in natural light or artificial light?

Natural light please.

Would you rather only purchase new books and borrow used ones?

Purchase even though I’m broke.

Would you rather only read books recommended by friends or books recommended by strangers?

I’m tempted to answer with strangers for some odd reason.

Would you rather only read fiction or non-fiction?

Gah. I can’t live without either, but I’ll say non-fiction because it encompasses more.

If you missed it, I created my own “Would You Rather” Writer Edition and even a “Would You Rather” Blogger Edition.

I’m retiring for making these types of posts now. Coming up with questions was a lot harder than answering them. I wouldn’t lie to you.