Confessions Of A Writer (Part 2)

Confessing time!

  • I wish I was more active. It’s hard to write and read when running or swimming.
  • I think the writers of Criminal minds are geniuses. Do you know what I’d do to write like that? No, you don’t.
  • In my free time, I watch a bit of everything. It satisfies my thirst for knowledge. And helps expand my imagination.
  • My right hand looks nothing like my left. Scars, blisters, pen marks, you name it, my right hand has it.
  • One summer I read all four Twilight books in 22 days. I can’t read nearly that quickly now.

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Ink Here, Ink There, Ink Everywhere

I’ve gotten ink on just about everything. The typical items like paper and cards. And the not so typical like skin and nails.

If I had a dog or a cat, I’m sure they’d be covered in pen marks. I know this to be a fact. It isn’t even a question worth debating.

So if you ever live in the same house as me, stay away. Stay far far away.

For some reason, this ink in particular isn’t washing off. I think it hates me.

But I love pens and I love them even more with every day that passes.

I still don’t know how I manage to get ink everywhere. I suppose there are worse things that could have happened.