10 Things Writers Do And Can Relate To

Writers do a lot of awesome things.

  1. Writers write. On the flip side, we also do everything we can to put off writing as long as possible.
  2. Writers get ink stains. On everything. No? Just me? I will hold my wallet up proudly for all to see and proclaim my status as a wordsmith. Or just a clumsy child who ruins everything she owns.
  3. Writers observe. Not to be confused with stalking. The two are not the same. Obviously, if you write, you would know.
  4. Writers talk to themselves. And to their dogs or cats if they have any.
  5. Writers make characters suffer. It’s part of our job to.
  6. Writers fail. All the time. If you haven’t failed and/or been rejected, who are you? You’re not human. At least, you haven’t taken great risks, lived your life.
  7. Writers drink. Coffee, tea, alcohol. We drink it all. We don’t discriminate.
  8. Writers read everything. Other people’s books, our own stories. We read a lot of words.
  9. Writers play with pens. Click. Click. Click.
  10. Writers dream and daydream. Then we dream some more.

Which of these can you relate to?

School · Writing

Best Time Of The Year

I love the time right before school starts because I have an excuse to buy school supplies and stationery.

Back to school shopping, in my opinion, is the best kind of shopping.

As you can imagine, I live for this kind of stuff.

I end up buying pens and notebooks I use for writing rather than studying. For my own work rather than schoolwork. 

I regret nothing. 


Writers Need A Lifetime Supply Of…


You can’t just write the same story all your life, can you? Guy falls in love with girl. Guy falls in love with girl. Guy falls in love with girl. Okay, maybe you can.


What did writers do before pens were invented? Don’t ask me. I wouldn’t know. I’m the user of many pens and the owner of even more. 


I have very few living, breathing human beings as friends. But you can never have too many fictional friends. 


Small books, big books. All kinds of books.


Because as much fun as it is to read stories, it’s fun to create them as well.


Things I Lack

I’m lacking…

Blogs to follow.

I followed a ton of blogs when I first began blogging, but I haven’t as of late. Sorry. Scream at me and say I’m a horrible blogger. Maybe then I’ll try to be better. I can’t make any guarantees. Have you met me? 

Pens to use.

Here’s some questionable advice from yours truly: Don’t get a writer flowers when you can get them pens. Or notebooks. Anything pretty and useful. 

Time to waste.

If you waste my time, the next time I see you will be too soon. Too soon indeed. 

What, if anything, are you lacking?

Personal Reflection

15 Things I Love

I’m capable of love too. I’m not that hateful of a person.

  1. The sound of keys being pressed.
  2. The sound of pens being clicked.
  3. The colour red.
  4. Simple Plan.
  5. Criminal Minds.
  6. Cheese.
  7. Chips.
  8. Smoothies.
  9. Eating.
  10. Learning.
  11. Winning.
  12. Cleaning.
  13. Creating.
  14. Many fictional characters.
  15. My family.

No surprises here.

It should be obvious that I love lists. Even if you only followed me two minutes ago.


8 Writer’s Pet Peeves

I have more than eight, but for the sake of time—yours and mine—I’ll just mention a few.

I may sound peeved when discussing my pet peeves, but I’m a pleasant person to be around after I’ve written. I promise.

  1. Phone calls when I’m writing. That’s Satan’s work right there.
  2. Waiting on people. If we agreed to meet at 10:30, don’t show up at 10:55. I could’ve written hundreds of words in that time.
  3. Not writing. More like not being able to write. There’s a reason I haven’t learned to drive yet.
  4. Pen marks on everything. I’m sorry, mom.
  5. Smudges. Possibly the bane of my existence.
  6. Inconsistencies. The world is better off without them.
  7. Bad pens. I’m picky. What more can I say? Using the wrong pen is dreadful.
  8. Non-writers. More like people who hate writing and love announcing their hatred to the world.

Tell me your biggest pet peeve so we can complain together.

Personal Reflection

August 2015: What I Love Birthday Edition

So I finally get to explain why my “What I Love” posts are on the 22nd of every month.

Cue drumroll please.

No? Okay.

My birthday is August 22, 1997.

I figured it’s fitting to devote a monthly post in honour of something or someone I love. At the very least, it’ll make me more appreciative of all that I have.

Because I’m turning 18 today and I’ll already be a year older by the time this post is up, I’m making a list of 22 concepts/people/things I love. In no particular order, of course.

  1. Speaking of lists, I love them.
  2. The number 22 for obvious reasons.
  3. August. I’m lucky I don’t have to go to school on my birthday.
  4. Simple Plan. I need to see them play live.
  5. School supplies and stationery. I’m cheating, I know.
  6. Shopping. Um, uh…let’s move on.
  7. Good food. I adore eating.
  8. Great music. How does anyone hate it?
  9. Red. It’s my favourite colour.
  10. Challenges. Bring them on.
  11. Teachers and mentors. I am indebted to them.
  12. My family for supporting me and stroking my ego.
  13. My friends for making me cry tears of laughter and joy.
  14. My enemies for telling me lies that I will never allow to be true.
  15. Pens for composing my stories.
  16. Notebooks for carrying my words.
  17. Dancing. And all things associated with it like dancers or dance shoes.
  18. Blogging. Again, anything related to blogging as well. Other blogs. Beautiful bloggers.
  19. Writing. Creating characters gives me life.
  20. Reading. Books were my first love.
  21. Myself. Because self-love is important.
  22. You! I don’t say this enough though I ought to; I love you.

“Would You Rather” Writer Edition

This was inspired by the “Would You Rather” Book Tag. I figured I’d do a writing version of it. So some of the questions might be similar. I made up all the others.

Who knows I may just do another one of these because this was fun to write. (I’m not implying that my other posts weren’t fun to write.)

Would you rather only write standalones or trilogies?

Standalones. In my opinion, pulling off a series is insanely difficult and I’m not ready for that kind of commitment. Yet.

Would you rather be a professional writer or a professional blogger?

I’d do both for free, but I would love to earn money writing.

Would you rather hand write or have to type for the rest of your life?

Type though I’d miss writing by hand. There’s something magical about not having to stare at a screen.

Would you rather be forced to write everything in uppercase or lowercase letters?

Lowercase. I can’t stand appearing to scream at everyone. I’m meek and weak.

Would you rather only write 2 pages per day or 250 pages per week?

Where can I sign up to write 250 pages per week?

Would you rather be traditionally published or self published?

Traditionally published would be the dream. But knowing me I think I might be happier self published.

Would you rather only write in pen or pencil?

Let’s just put it this way…I’d give away all my pencils for free, but if you want one of my pens, you’ll have to fight me. And win.

Would you rather only be allowed to write at your desk or anywhere else in the world?

Honestly speaking I’d get a lot more done at my desk because my mind tends to focus better when I’m far away from boys, beaches, and beautiful things. I love my writing space too much to give it up.

You are welcome to answer the aforementioned questions in a blog post of your own.

Did you miss my Would You Rather post about reading and books? Pssst, I tagged everyone so go answer those questions too.