Personal Reflection

The Night Before My First Day Of School

The night before my first day of class, my phone charger stopped working. And that made me freak out more than the thought of going back to school.

So I was running around the house trying to figure out what to do. Eventually, I found another charger in a bag which was in another bag on the top shelf of my closet. This extra charger was a gift from a family friend. At the time, I thought I’d never use it. How silly of me.

I know I don’t need my phone to survive. But it’s nice to have a phone and a fully charged one on the first day back.

I’m also realizing just how much I use my phone now that I’m a writer and blogger. I use the WordPress app all the time to write posts, edit drafts, send comments.

So I see the logic in that one is none. Two is one. If you only have one of something and it breaks down or becomes unusable, you don’t have that thing anymore.

You just never know.

Things break. So it’s nice to have a backup, a replacement. Ditto for saving your files and having copies of your work everywhere.

So I’m not as stressed right now because after running around with my head cut off, I’ve regained myself enough to write this blog post.

The phone screen is cracked, my original charger and headphones don’t work anymore. I need a new phone. Shame I’m broke, though.


Blogging On My Phone

Remind me again why I blog on my phone.

The WordPress app on mobile can be glitchy and slow at times, at least if you ask me. No one ever asks. But I’m impatient. I like when things go the way I expect them to.

Also, I just updated the app. I’m not sure how I feel about the changes. Change and I don’t get along. Again no one asked.

Blogging is hard. 

I should really stop making excuses. I won’t though.

Personal Reflection

Change, Change, Change

Can you tell I’ve been bombarded by too many changes all at once?

My phone, my computer.


I’m losing my mind. I can’t cope.

To be fair, I updated my mobile to iOS 10 voluntarily. It’s going to take some getting used to, that’s for sure.

I’m also not entirely sure what happened with my PC. I think my computer stopped loving me.

And, of course, WordPress decided to work their wordy magic. I don’t know when they did, but I only noticed today. Fake blogger alert.

My posts as of late have been a mess because I’m a mess the later it gets during the night, which is the only time I bring myself to work on my blog.

October’s been full of fun changes. I’ve convinced myself that I am brimming with excitement.

How is the new month treating you?

I know I sound like a 19 year old. But that’s because I am a 19 year old.


How To Read More

How To Read More GraphicI’m not responsible for any repercussions. Follow my advice at your own risk.


Accurate Phone Usage Breakdown

I’ve come to the realization that I’m not just a teenager with a phone. I’m a writer who owns a powerful piece of technology.

Took me long enough, huh?

This is how I break down my phone usage:

50% writing, working, brainstorming, blogging, etc.

I like words.

20% reading (emails, documents, articles, blog posts)

I like words and stories.

20% listening to music or dancing to it

I like words, stories, and songs.

5% texting or calling

I don’t have many friends.

5% social media

I don’t have many friends in real life.

1% calculator

I can’t do math.

These percentages are exact and precise. They are not distorted at all.


8 Writer’s Pet Peeves

I have more than eight, but for the sake of time—yours and mine—I’ll just mention a few.

I may sound peeved when discussing my pet peeves, but I’m a pleasant person to be around after I’ve written. I promise.

  1. Phone calls when I’m writing. That’s Satan’s work right there.
  2. Waiting on people. If we agreed to meet at 10:30, don’t show up at 10:55. I could’ve written hundreds of words in that time.
  3. Not writing. More like not being able to write. There’s a reason I haven’t learned to drive yet.
  4. Pen marks on everything. I’m sorry, mom.
  5. Smudges. Possibly the bane of my existence.
  6. Inconsistencies. The world is better off without them.
  7. Bad pens. I’m picky. What more can I say? Using the wrong pen is dreadful.
  8. Non-writers. More like people who hate writing and love announcing their hatred to the world.

Tell me your biggest pet peeve so we can complain together.


What Bloggers Really Do On Their Phones

Don’t assume I’m watching silly YouTube videos (even though I might be). What? Bloggers need breaks too.

  • Brainstorm new ideas.
  • Draft blog posts.
  • Edit, edit, edit.
  • Take pictures for their reader’s viewing pleasure.
  • Edit said pictures.
  • Respond to comments left by other wonderful bloggers.
  • Browse through the Reader.
  • Leave comments. Interact with people. Give back to the always lovely WordPress community.

So while it may seem like I’m always on my phone, I have valid reasons to be.

And no I do not have friends to text or a boyfriend to talk to.


What Reading Is Actually Like

What should happen:

Open book.

Read uninterrupted.

What really happens:

Open book.

Phone rings.

Mower howls.

Kid screams.

Alarm blares.

Plane shrieks.

Siren wails.

Dog barks.

Baby cries.

Hence, reading is a great feat.

This post is somewhat similar to Pre-writing Ritual. Here at aspiringwriter22, ideas are recycled.