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What Gives Me Peace Of Mind?

I haven’t been sleeping well these past few nights. I think I know why.

Want to know the culprit? I haven’t been backing up my stuff properly.

All jokes aside, I love having copies of everything, everywhere.

Some of the ways I do this are listed below.

  • A hard drive or on a USB (I have four)
  • An online platform like Google Docs and Dropbox (I use both)
  • On multiple devices such as a tablet, phone, etc. (it never hurts)
  • Create a draft on WordPress and upload the image, video, whatever it is into the actual post (another reason why I love blogging)

How do you achieve peace of mind?

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Where I Write And Blog And Create

I share a lot on this blog. Well, more than I do with most people anyway.

So I figured I may as well share my writing and blogging space. It’s about time, huh?

Also, I might do a more in-depth post about some of the things in the pictures below.

Writing Desk

Writing Desk Space

My Writing DeskAnd maybe by the end of this summer, my photos will turn out nicer. They were taken on a phone. I don’t have a professional camera because I spend too much on pens, pencils, notebooks, books, etc. The trade-off is worth it in my opinion.

Personal Reflection

People (Touching Technology) Pet Peeves

These are my pet peeves pertaining to technology. Now that I think about it, technology isn’t what peeves me. People peeve me. Hence the strange title.

My three main ones at the moment are:

  • People touching my computer screen.
  • People touching my Surface keyboard.
  • People touching my Apple iPhone.

Anyone touching anything of mine without explicit permission from me needs to be taught a lesson.

Also, I want to start doing more list posts. Let’s see how well I follow through with my promise. I would tell you to start expecting awesome posts this summer, but expectations can lead to disappointment.


How To Be A More Productive Student

I know this post is geared towards students, but these tips work for just about anyone.

Drain Your Phone (For Real)

Or don’t charge it when your battery is low. No, I’m not crazy. Your phone is a massive, if not, the biggest time waster. If you have an essay due tomorrow, you shouldn’t be Snapchatting your friends. It’s less tempting to use your cell when there’s five percent of its battery remaining. Better yet, if your phone is completely dead, that’s one less distraction to deal with.

Learn from Edison and King

As hard as it may be to stick to a routine, following a similar schedule every day has been proven to enhance productivity. Thomas Edison did it. Stephen King does it. You can do it.

The 3 C’s

Don’t jump around from one thing to another without ever finishing anything. Starting ten projects at once is not helping your productivity. Utilize the 3 C’s: Commit, complete and conquer. That’s how you get things done.

You can find the full post with five more tips here.


Types Of Writing I Struggle With

I absolutely suck at writing proposals. About nine months ago I wrote one, and I haven’t written a single one since.

I take forever to compose one email. Now imagine writing multiple emails a day. Today I started typing a draft on my phone, but I accidentally hit send half-way in. So I had to write another email telling the receiver to disregard my first email.

I used to despise lab reports. There’s a reason I stopped taking science courses after grade ten.

I would go on. Too bad I’d take an entire day listing as well as explaining why I struggle with all forms of writing.


What I Want To Do

I  want to crawl into a cave and stay there until the end of this month.

No Wi-Fi, no phone, essentially no distractions.

That’s probably the only way I will be able to write 50,000 words. Or maybe I can convince all my teachers not to assign homework until December first?

Neither options are likely going to happen.

Even so, I shall continue to dream about the aforementioned cave…


30 Questions To Ask Yourself During NaNoWriMo-Day 9

Don’t forget it’s the writing/noveling marathon today.

More details here:

The question of the day is as follows…

Question #9

Do you need to eliminate any distractions? 

The word distraction can be defined easily.

Distraction = The Enemy. Simple right?

If it’s so simple then it shouldn’t be too difficult to eliminate them when we’re writing.

Here’s a step by step method to ensure you’ll be writing without any interruptions during NaNoWriMo.

  1. Cut the telephone wires. Or unplug them.
  2. Buy a WiFi jammer. Or disable your WiFi.
  3. Dunk your cell phone into a bucket of water. Or turn it off.

Obviously, I’m kidding. But if you can live for an hour or two without needless devices, your work time will be more productive.

Wait a second: who is your target audience?

I’ll go into more depth about audience on Sunday.

Have a great weekend writing and noveling!