To Express | A Poem

I’ve given my heart to causes

Some doomed from the start

But I didn’t know then

What I know now

Yet I still commit to sinking ships

If only so I can treasure

The beat that makes me feel alive

The boy who never made me cry

The book I read back then

A team I admire from a distance

One song I listen to on repeat

Dancing into the night

They changed something

So very grand

It feels good

To express what words can’t

To exclaim what no one understands


Nights Wasted | A Poem

I won’t forget those two girls

who took my kindness

and used it to their advantage

after walking away

I felt heat rush to my face

cheeks burned

lesson learned

won’t make the same mistake

I should’ve been able to trust

a teacher in eighth grade

but he thought I deserved

to be called a shadow

he destroyed my faith

I still think of the time

I walked inside to see a finger

pointed at me


I can’t believe I cried

I’ll never get back

those times I cried

nights wasted in life

Isn’t Fair To You | A Poem

Remember how badly

You wanted to run away

Sometimes you still do

Because the people who were Supposed to be there for you

Left you to fend for yourself

Left you alone

They sharpened their knives

Though they didn’t need to

Before each tip pressed into your skin

And pierced right through

You thought running was an answer

But if you did you’d be worse than ever

Because you can’t outrun

A betrayal like that

They gained your trust early on

When you didn’t know better

Couldn’t even fight back

Still can’t

Yet you wonder

Why the world isn’t fair to you

Why it never was in the past

Front Lines | A Poem

I rather lose

When no one’s watching

Than realize I’m not good enough

When everyone’s waiting

For my next move

Somehow the spotlight got moved

Now it’s shining down on me

And the rest of my team

Even though no one believes

It’s enough that we can see

The dream

A light at the end

Hold my hand

We’ve been through the battles

Shoved on the front lines

Forced to make fires

Find ways to navigate

This minefield of theirs

Remember Them | A Poem

Remember that girl

with the fluttering heart

and wide smile

she was excited

to take on the world

you couldn’t stop her

but you tried

and tried so many times

only you failed

to bring her down to your level

she never let anyone else

get the best of her

remember the smart boy

with the piercing eyes

and good life

who you deemed

as just nice

you wouldn’t leave him alone

but damn could he fight

and fight he did

never let his heart die

he won’t remember all

but he recalls the treatment

in front of his own eyes

do you remember them?

they remember you.

No Repose | A Poem

Find me the girl

who was not afraid

to speak her truth

with hands held high

where did she go?

and why did she lose her soul?

let her know I’m searching too

I hope my message carries

where are you

when I need you the most

when nothing’s right

all is wrong

tell me what I should do now

how did you get past that road block?

did you drive right through?

is it too late for me to find you?

what happened?

where have you gone?

how could you leave me

with no repose

and nowhere to call home

Do You Dream? | A Poem

Do you dream of running away?

leaving your broken bones

and scarred skin behind

to a place where you’re free

whatever that means

where you can redefine yourself

Do you dream of your happy place?

an oasis away

somewhere out there

and your heart beats faster

as your head spins

with endless possibilities

Do you dream when you’re asleep?

push away the nightmares

deal with your biggest fear

you wake only to remember

the moments you smiled

Do you dream when you’re awake?

every time the world becomes too much

as you bear another burden

you let your thoughts fly high

Do you dream of moving on?

bygones being bygones

burning what you don’t need

but holding meaningful pieces

Do you dream?

Bound By Black | A Poem

Time lies

between the lines

Wait for the end

of a story 

Divided by life

and death

Thrown into trials

navigate mazes

without eyes

losing minds

Blow kisses

on a throne

Bound by black

Fight the chain

Feed the thirst

Watching a train

feeble heart calls out

but home is not an escape

Just another number

A divergent

Thief in the night

Who breaks a pact

gone again

disappearing when it’s dark

Striped uniform



Turn back


Don’t ask.

Nowhere And Nothing | A Poem

heart beats faster

cold shiver

hands start to sweat

standing on the edge

nowhere to go

nothing to do

so jump and take the plunge

into icy waters

let her know how much

she means to me

tell him I’m sorry

for the missing pieces

everything slows in my head

because I want my fear to be

forever out of my reach

so damn scared

worried dead

can’t sleep

get this over with

I can’t wait much longer now

I’m done with not knowing

always running

I want to move away from this place

Against Me | A Poem

I am nobody

he doesn’t know

my name

instead he calls me

what he wants

imply I’m a follower

with no brain

laugh in my face

says he’s surprised

to see me

without her

but I’m not in chains

my feet can walk away

thank you for nothing

never looking into my eyes

I wonder if

you’ll ever realize

the things you could’ve seen

if only you got a chance

to go up against me

and lose all the same.