Girl Made Of Glass | A Poem

No one came to my aid that day

And years later, nothing’s changed

I will never forgive what they did

Can’t forget what they didn’t do

I still remember

The scene that changed

The course of my play

I stopped feeling sorry

It never did anything for me

Just like them, standing there

Bearing witness to a moment

All but one still recalls

Don’t need to close my eyes

In order to see

A girl made of glass

Breaking ever so slowly

World Works Out | A Poem

Life can be good

But sometimes it’s not

So I’ll fall back

Take a chance on myself

I mean to follow through

Can’t lost faith now

Not when I have a window of opportunity

It’s going to be okay

The world works out

This game called life

Takes care of itself

So long as I continue

To care for what matters

That includes my health

Gold Medal | A Poem

Don’t lose sight of that vision in your head

Sometimes that’s all you have

You know what you want

You dictate what you chase

And the things that fall away

You give power to what matters

Can’t spend the rest of your life

Worrying over what could’ve been

So work to make it happen

Remember never settle

Stay thirsty

Hungry for the gold medal

But that’s not the reason why

You put yourself in the firing line

You do this for the right reasons

For the little girl who survived

How Far She’s Come | A Poem

I won’t forget about the girl who cried

Buried her face in a pillow

So that it would muffle every sound

Even the silent screams

And loud whispers

Because she won’t forget

Biting down on her tongue

Keeping her mouth shut, lips sealed

Never uttering an unsettling word

Her hand used to clutch a tissue

Before her nails found skin and dug in

Dark hair fell in front of darker eyes

Hardened by night storms

But as night gave way to day

Her body did the same

Wiped the tears, dried the eyes

Plastered on a smile, put on a show

This is a stage she’s always known

But the curtain’s closed

She can walk away and never come back

Yet I won’t let her forget how far she’s come

Burned And Branded | A Poem

Burned and branded

Even before I knew it

I should’ve seen the flames coming

Opened my eyes to realize 

I wouldn’t have a choice

They made me see

Things I cannot forget

I should’ve read the fire

But I didn’t

Not because I wasn’t able to

I just wanted to believe

That the ashes pointed in the wrong direction

Look where that got me

I’m in a place I never imagined

Stay The Same | A Poem

I could go on

List reasons

Find needles that prick

Pick thorns in my side

I don’t think you will change

Something tells me you’ll stay the same

And I’ve long since stopped listening

To what everyone likes to say

It doesn’t matter

Nothing will erase the past

That’s fine by me

Okay somehow

When you spot your weaknesses

Confront lies you’ve kept inside

I hope you aren’t entirely alone

I won’t be there, can’t wait forever

But I don’t forget

Neither will you

You’re in control

Don’t need to swap roles

Glass Dreams | A Poem

I can’t decide

I can’t commit

I don’t know why

I can’t do it

A lot to lose

Too much at stake

Dreams made of glass

Steal glances in the back

Have to look straight soon

Up and out the windshield

So maybe I’ll have no choice but to…

Surrenders Hope | A Poem

I freeze

Feel my heart beat

Always been the passenger

Watching or observing

Never the driver

I can’t get in

I don’t know what it’s like

To get behind the wheel

Be in complete control

Step on the gas

Press down on the brake

Maneuver around obstacles in my way

Every time I imagine how it’ll go

I think of the worst possible scenario

I can’t help myself

My mind loses control

And surrenders hope

Shadow | A Poem

A car sits outside

in the night

Blinking and waiting 

in dim light

I don’t dream

for if I do

I scream

Nightmares feel real 

by morning 

I’ve yet to heal

Shot around

like an arrow

Followed around

like a shadow

Fall And Fly | A Poem

You need lows to appreciate highs

You have to fall to know how to fly

You’ll get lost so you can find

You’ll hate your brain before you love your mind

These days will amount to so much more

Just wait till you see what you’ve been searching for

And when you’re there, on the mountain top

Looking out across the terrain

It will hit hard, crash down then

That moment of realization

That this is what you wanted all along

Why you put in the hours day and night

To do what no one else would

So you can lift everyone up

Get them to understand a better life

Every change brings a smile to your face

Even when nothing goes exactly your way