Not In Darkness | A Poem

Don’t let them

Take away the light

You’re not in darkness


Got far


Can run

You’re all you’ve got

So set yourself apart

Show them your fire

Burn into the night forever

Remember looking up at the sky

And seeing stars so bright

You had to shield your eyes


Until You Die | A Poem

Lonely or alone

Connected and close


Distanced from

What you know

Is reality

An illusion

Get you to

Look away from

What’s going on

Should’ve known

The signs were there

Did you read them

Listen to anyone

Wanted your dreams

To come true

Held out hope

But it broke you

Never made a move

Will you wait

Until you die

To make up

Your mind

Share Your Soul | A Poem

Speak the truth

Even if you struggle to

Let it all out

Put words on the page

Sometimes no one’s around

To hear you speak

But there’s something

You need to say

Your eyes can’t lie

It’s killing you inside

Stayed silent all this time

And waited by the sidelines

So share your soul

With someone close

Never Fail To Get Up | A Poem

Don’t feel bad

for not knowing

You don’t have to do it all

just take a step

right then left

Struggle behind closed doors

so you can succeed

in front of everyone

those you don’t want to let down

The best fall

but they never fail to get up

brush off the dirt

keep going

never look back

Who Says? | A Poem

Who says you need

A superhero to save the day

A knight to sweep you off your feet

A prince to make you a princess

A shoulder to cry on

A hand to hold close

A heart to love yours

A song to call ours

A dance to remember

A house to call home

A dream to share

A life to grow old

Who says you need?

You have what it takes

To make yourself happy

My Worst Enemy | A Poem

I used to lie awake at night

Wonder why I couldn’t sleep

I was my worst enemy

Hurt myself more

Than anyone else

Just wanted to belong

Struggled in silence

Grew strong enough

To stand tall

And finally believe

I can still recall

But those days are gone

Own Landing | A Poem


Just average

Not special

But it’s possible

To be a shooting star

Fly across the sky

When it’s dark at night

Soar above the clouds

Land on the moon

Call my own landing

On rooftop buildings

See the city

From high ground

Because every storm ends

The sun comes out again

On My Own | A Poem

A chance

One shot

That’s all

I want

Won’t screw up

Worked years

To get here

Will do

What needs

To be done

So much better

On my own

Rather than

Relying on anyone

Before You | A Poem

How much

have you

given up

don’t you know

there’s still more

to be done

just started

be tired

at the end

not the beginning

build on

hard work

make sacrifices

get up

start doing

after all

millions have

before you.

Step Out | A Poem


Forgive yourself

Don’t forget the lesson

Or the mistake


Go on stage

And give a show

Cross the bridge

One step at a time

Don’t burn the wood

May need it again

You never know

When you’ll return

Revisit your roots

So stay within yourself

But step out too