Creative Writing

Shift The Blame | A Poem

now she’s alone

without a home

hoping for someone

to break down these walls

ones she’s built for so long

people don’t see

that she’s not weak

she has to be tough

otherwise the world

would break

beneath her touch

tell her something

she doesn’t know

shift the blame

to some intangible thing

Creative Writing

Missing Home | A Poem

missing home

wondering why

can’t stop thinking

about the future

or the past

should’ve known better

try to relax

and not tense up

Creative Writing

Defeat Your Demons | A Poem

They don’t understand why you’re insecure

Facing a lot of pressure

You set your expectations high

Because you know you can

You’re tired of people who say you can’t

Don’t be caught off guard

You’re better than that

They can believe what they want

But you have to defeat your demons

You’ve done it before

So you’ll do it again

Creative Writing

Break The Chains | A Poem

Remember that day

the excitement on your face

How could you let it

go to waste?

But nothing will work

if you never do

Get up and out

learn as you go

that’s how you’ll grow the most.


You have plenty to gain

so little to lose

despite what you hear

from those fools

He said you couldn’t,

but you still did.

She shook her head,

when you squared it.


Plant your feet

on the ground

pick them up

when you need to run


Cut the strings,

break the chains.

Creative Writing

Start Again | A Poem

one day

you’ll wake up

and realize

it’s not too late

so take the wheel

face the road ahead

because nothing lasts

not even this pain

in your chest


you have to

start again

Creative Writing

Revisit Today | A Poem













Creative Writing

War Waging | A Poem

Remember why you started

It’s not too late

To try something new

If you stick through this

Every night will be worth it

Find your reason to continue

Fight the war waging inside

Until the day you die

Creative Writing

The Voice In My Head | A Poem

the voice in my head

doesn’t seem to understand

why my eyes bleed

how I need to grieve

my tears refuse to die

but this soul isn’t alive