Scars To Show | A Poem

head turns

seeing dots

room spins

voices buzz


nod along

play the role

expected to

fight and fend

not the same


give your heart a break

being broken takes a toll

try to breathe

a little more

keep your head above water

shallow treading

drowning deep

get out

escape near death

with scars to show

Works Out | A Poem

I'm shaking

Don't want to think

Every time I do

I remember something

I didn't allow myself to live

Because I was blind

Didn't realize

I'm worth it

Capable of more

And when one door closes

Ten others open

What happened that day

Made me strive

To do better

Than the people who thought

I couldn't put my name on the map

Tried not to get discouraged

The universe is funny

It works out all right

Never Sees You | A Poem

Dry tissues turn wet

can't contain the tears

they've been shed already

You'll throw trash away

when you're able to

bear the pain

but the next morning

you still recall

Your sore eyes

are a reminder

that you're tired

and you can't wake up

from this nightmare

These thoughts won't leave

you try to rid them

somewhere safe

You made a promise

it's been hard to keep

after the day

he pulled the curtain down

Now he finally sees

what you tried to hide

all this time

Life To Live | A Poem

Wind in hair

sand in toes

A stillness settles

in my bones

I could lie here forever

capture a moment that’s mine alone

I gave my life for this cause

steered the ship I’m on

navigated rough waters

docked in harbours

set foot on land

explored the forest

crossed a desert

Still I stand

with a hand over my heart

so long as it keeps beating

I still have more life to live

More Than Me | A Poem

I’m sorry

on my knees

begging please

You shouldn’t suffer

I see the way

your heart bleeds

and your mind

can’t stop moving

because you care too much

They don’t understand

never tried to

My strength isn’t enough

it can’t be

what you need

You’ll stay my hero

the reflection

I want in the mirror

when I wake up every day

I hear your words

don’t always listen

like I should

I realize now

you don’t relax

wish you’d do more than

go to bed

sleep and wake up

I hate feeling sorry

like I owe you

more than me

Might Be Better | A Poem

See the ball and hit it

as hard as you can

If you aren’t willing to go full out

then stay seated on the bench

Stretch and stay loose

You never know when you need to

do something new

Like leap for an opportunity

a chance within your reach

Or dive for an offer

a one time experience

When you’re at the plate

in the bottom of the eighth

You have a shot to turn things around

Don’t like where you are

Have you tried to change

what’s broken

The alternative might be better

than you ever imagined

Label Below Your Level | A Poem

Just you wait

You’ll see

An all-consuming shadow

A fire you can’t extinguish

You think I follow

Like I don’t mind

That I never go where I want

And spend time with someone I like

I’d take pity on you

But it’s not worth my time

You’ll probably die

Before you realize

I will do anything in my power

To convince you otherwise

If only so

One day

You’ll learn my name

Treat me like a human being

Rather than a label below your level

Dream In Colour | A Poem

Why continue or go on

If all you feel is pain

And it hurts to take a breath

Let alone many more

Why not stop, give up now

While there’s a chance

When you still can

Before that option is gone away

Stolen like a thief in the night

But you believe in a greater cause

That somehow there’s a payoff

Maybe one day you’ll look back

Think to yourself it wasn’t so bad

You lost all you knew

Never thought you would

But having nothing left on the line

Makes you dangerous

You started to dare

And dream in colour

Into The Light | A Poem

Born into a universe

With boundaries

That didn’t stop me

From exploring the earth

And all it had to offer

Then as I got older

I started to realize

This world was bigger

Than I’ll ever be

It’s scarier than my worst nightmare

I fought ghosts from the past

They hid in the cellars of my mind

Came out to play at night

I fought monsters under the bed

Found shadows lurking behind

The four corners of a room

I had to call mine

I’m not sure when

I stepped into the light

Or how I made it out alive

Girl Made Of Glass | A Poem

No one came to my aid that day

And years later, nothing’s changed

I will never forgive what they did

Can’t forget what they didn’t do

I still remember

The scene that changed

The course of my play

I stopped feeling sorry

It never did anything for me

Just like them, standing there

Bearing witness to a moment

All but one still recalls

Don’t need to close my eyes

In order to see

A girl made of glass

Breaking ever so slowly