Creative Writing

Fight To Finish | A Poem

It’s not easy, never will be

Doing something, being someone

Cut yourself some slack, let yourself relax

How long has it been?

Can you remember the last time since…

You always believed

Nothing’s done without a fight

So you have to get started

In order to finish

Creative Writing

Do It Again | A Poem

Make the same decisions

Without a doubt

Sacrifice all

In a heartbeat

So I can live

On my terms

Never mind their words

I wanted to work

Embraced long mornings

And longer nights

Worth every second

I wouldn’t change a thing

Or do anything different

Refused to accept

Less than my best

Wherever I go

Whenever I end

I’ll remember

Who got me there

Because I’d do it again

Creative Writing

Missing Out | A Poem

You wake up and realize

You’re not missing out

Stare at the clock

Seethe for a second too long

Wish you could teleport

To anywhere else but this hell

You get it together long enough

To plant your feet on the ground

You think this is it

Keep your head up

Prove them wrong

You’re not the girl they used to know

You reach for the moon

Looking to settle the score

Creative Writing

Fighting Spirit | A Poem

I want to close my eyes

And shut down my mind

It’s been running for miles

Can someone explain

Why we’re expected to be on

Every day, every week

Or we’re called lazy

Where’s the fighting spirit

The fire in your belly

Creative Writing

Burn Into The Future | A Poem

Do you know your words

Find their way into my ear

And stay lodged there

I can’t forget

I still remember

Wrote it down

Made a record

One day

I’ll think back

You should’ve broke me

When you had the chance

Instead you created a fire

One that will burn into the future

Creative Writing

Burning Sun | A Poem

Why does this one hurt

more than the others

Thanks for igniting my fire

so much higher

I have nothing to lose

but I’ll still show you

You don’t know what you’ve done

can’t control this burning sun

Creative Writing

Family Of Friends | A Poem


This is who we are

Wounded and scarred

This is our city

We stand together

This is a family of friends

Creative Writing

Last Forever | A Poem

Everything reminds me

of your legacy

I still remember

who you used to be

now you’re just a memory

You always said

never say never

because some things

will last forever.