When You Ask Me Where I’m Going – Jasmin Kaur | A Book Review

Title: When You Ask Me Where I’m Going

Author: Jasmin Kaur

Genre: Poetry

About the book: It’s a novel written in prose and poetry with illustrations.

I received an advanced review copy from HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review.

First impressions: I love poetry, but I don’t read enough of it, so I was excited for this one. I like the title and cover a lot.

Content: There are so many incredible poems. Kaur keeps them short and simple while exploring complex issues like racism, immigration, etc. She is also an illustrator, and her drawings add depth by complementing the text.

The prose section tells the story of a woman dealing with trauma and trying to raise a daughter by herself. I got so invested in the characters that I was sad when the section came to an end.


“if the words do not / free you, why do you hold on to them?”

Writing: I love Kaur’s voice and style. She does such a great job of bringing words to life without watering anything down. The poems spoke to me, and I found myself rereading them.

Final thoughts: If you’re a fan of poetry, I highly recommend When You Ask Me Where I’m Going. Even if you aren’t, I still recommend it because the book is a beautiful read.

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Creative Writing

Meant To Be | A Poem

I can do it again

This isn’t the end

I only lose

If I don’t move

I had nothing before

Now I fight for more

I’ll let life make me

Who I’m meant to be

Creative Writing

Mirages | A Poem

Why is it so hard to change what I hate?

To become someone different but still okay.

Why do I always blame myself?

Never point the finger at anyone else.

How do I go on every day?

Without giving up, losing faith.

Is there a secret I don’t know?

Some sort of shortcut to take.

Have I ever seen a miracle?

I memorized these mirages though.

Creative Writing

Good Luck | A Poem

Didn’t let the past bring you down

Because you believed what’s done is done

Wasn’t worried about things to come

Knew you could conquer

Felt you had won

Put so much faith in yourself

Wouldn’t trust anyone else

Since they didn’t see

Every hit you took

They talked about being tired

Yet remained bad liars

So you wished yourself good luck

And walked away without looking back

Creative Writing

Never Know | A Poem

All right

Good enough

Look ahead

Same plans

Different path

Adapt now

Nothing lasts

Sustain hope

Rise above

Be better

Hard task

Be glad

Never know

Complete strangers

Kind souls

Creative Writing

Made Memories | A Poem

I made memories,

and I’m not sorry.

If given the chance,

I’d do it again.

But I will cherish

those few seconds

because I found my faith

in the most unexpected place.

Creative Writing

At The Beginning | A Poem

At the beginning

just getting started

inspiration in the air

got to kindle the fire

make the flames burn

into the winter

better than before

no intention to break

what isn’t broken

can’t see too far ahead

but I know

I’ll get where I need to go.

Creative Writing

My Own Happiness | A Poem

I’m closer to where I want to be

Not as far as before

I dream of a better time

I doubt I’ll ever stop

Proud of my progress

I have so much further to go

Still I’ve never shied away from hard work

I can’t help but think my time is coming

I’ll put the pieces together

Spread my wings and fly

Find all the ways I can enjoy life

While I cultivate my own happiness