Play Along | A Poem

There’s more beyond

these four walls

that keep me in

I’m already suffering

so I start to unlock

the chains

which bind my legs

force these hands

to play along

with this show

inside a box


I Miss The Old You | A Poem

You made me

smile, laugh

now I wonder why

we’re different

not the same


you threw away

what we had

I miss the old you

and my own self too

Make It Out Alive | A Poem















Drowning In Wheat By John Kinsella | A Book Review

Title: Drowning In Wheat

Author: John Kinsella

Genre: Poetry

About the book: It’s a collection of selected poems. I received a copy from Publishers Group Canada.

First impressions: Even early on, I was amazed at all the techniques used by the poet. Kinsella explores environmental issues related to land and animals. That being said, he often addresses specific issues that apply to his home country, Australia. I probably should’ve looked up the references I didn’t understand. Also, the book is longer than I expected at about 400 pages.


“you associate with those
you love most”

Writing: Some words and phrases seem like Aussie slang. I’d have an even greater appreciation for his work if I knew more about the issues Kinsella writes about. His poems touch upon important topics though. The collection opened my eyes to many ecological concerns.

Final thoughts: I loved a couple poems at the end. The book feels quite unified without being too repetitive. Overall, I liked both the form and content.

I’d recommend Drowning In Wheat to those interested in ecopoetry. Perhaps Kinsella’s work isn’t the most accessible or the easiest for beginners, but it provides a fun challenge nonetheless.

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Shining Light | A Poem

I know your name

your claim to fame

can you hear what I say

I still remember that day

hold your past in my heart

whenever I start to fall apart

because every time you failed

you set out and scaled

worked day and night

you’re a shining light.

Unanswered Questions | A Poem

I wonder if you remember

My unanswered questions

Did you forget

Your side of the pact

Can you recall

Our vows

If they mattered then

Why you said them

Was your face just a facade

Got high on the chase

I don’t know what we were

Or where you are now

But I made peace with our past

It hurts to know

Yet I wouldn’t change a thing

Broken Mask | A Poem

I’m sick and tired

of feeling inferior.

You got better

at reading faces.

But so did I

at hiding feelings,

keeping emotions inside.

Wore a mask every night

It broke sometimes.

I’d piece it back together

Before the sun rose in the sky.

Forced a smile

That never reached my eyes.

I don’t blame you for being fooled

Because—at times—I was too.

Missed Chances | A Poem

Missed chances

could’ve taken


never thought

had a shot

won’t know what it’s like

to talk about life

share a part of mine

with a stranger

who might’ve understood

why I’d rather be alone

than in bad company

I see you in my dreams

hold on to memories

during the darkest nights

days I say I’m fine

who did I fool?

not you

Go After | A Poem

Go after your goals

like it’s the last thing

you’ll ever do

reaching the peak

you’ll see other mountains

climb them too

you have years ahead

don’t worry about them

you’ll feel just fine

honed your senses over time

have what it takes

remember the days they asked

why you bother

don’t give up

until they wonder how

you pulled your vision off

when you recall

early mornings

and late nights

with a smile on your face.

Nothing’s Changed | A Poem

Heart flutters


Hands tremble


Beads of sweat

Wipe away

Compose face

Keep it straight

Made up





All right


It’s okay to

Heart beats

Head hurts


One step


One moment


Arrive before departing

Return to the familiar

City streets give way


Still the same

Nothing’s changed

The mind absorbs

Place hand on the door