Creative Writing

My Hope | A Poem

Thank you

for being

an escape

even on days

I needed space

Thank you

for being

my hope

even on days

I wanted to let go

Creative Writing

A Day | A Poem

Waking up, getting ready, eating breakfast, opening and closing the door, putting the key in the lock, stepping out, jumping into a vehicle, climbing stairs, saying good morning, asking how are you, working, watching the clock, waiting for your break, wishing it was lunch, thinking about the ones you love, wondering about them, worrying if they’re all right, planning for the night, speaking to yourself, checking your makeup in the mirror, fixing your hair with bare hands, sighing at the end, calling it a day when your job’s done.

Creative Writing

Your Voice In The Noise | A Poem

I’m here today

Because of you

I wouldn’t be the same

Don’t know what I would’ve done

I heard your voice

When I drowned in the noise

Creative Writing

Learned To Disregard | A Poem

I want

the world

to understand.

This is

who I am.

I’m a

different person

than I was


You dismiss

what your eyes see

since you have

some preconceived belief

of how people

like me

are supposed

to love.

You have

to do better


I’ve already

learned to disregard.

Creative Writing

Words To Maim | A Poem

Words to maim

What good are they

Dirty mouths

Half a brain

Shout slurs

No respect

Sharpen blades

Don’t deserve

Time dulls

Never earn

Power fades

The joke’s on you

Your ego inflates

Creative Writing

Something More | A Poem

I used to wonder

if I was a thorn

in your side

that you wished

you could pick

then throw away

but you can’t fake

that light

the radiating glow

from your eyes

the curl of your lips

a flash of teeth

the tilt of your head

a familiar mouth

questions tumbling out

a greeting

an address

you laugh

like you’ve never lost

you’re strong

yet vulnerable

I love your ability

to let go

let nature run its course

but I think I detect

an invite for

something more

Creative Writing

Missing Home | A Poem

missing home

wondering why

can’t stop thinking

about the future

or the past

should’ve known better

try to relax

and not tense up

Creative Writing

Defeat Your Demons | A Poem

They don’t understand why you’re insecure

Facing a lot of pressure

You set your expectations high

Because you know you can

You’re tired of people who say you can’t

Don’t be caught off guard

You’re better than that

They can believe what they want

But you have to defeat your demons

You’ve done it before

So you’ll do it again