Creative Writing

Saying Sorry | A Poem

I don’t owe you an apology,

but I feel the need to say sorry.

Have I already?

I know you haven’t heard from me lately,

it’s because I want you to be happy.

Creative Writing

An Inspiration | A Poem

Do you remember all those years

we looked up at you?

But now it’s your turn to watch over us

from wherever you are in the universe.

You’ll still be in our hearts

because we won’t ever forget

what it’s like to watch an inspiration,

a star in the sky above our heads.

Creative Writing

Take Flight | A Poem

Sweat on my face

Feet on the floor

Get in the air

Prepare to land

I erase the bad days

From my mind

As I step into the room

But I’ll always remember

What I’ve been through

That’s the nature of this life

I’ll float rather than sink

Just watch my flight

Creative Writing

Come Together | A Poem



come together

stand forever

been waiting for

so much more

Creative Writing

We Are One | A Poem

heart beating

at once

standing together

same cause

watch the city

gather around

this is our time

goal in sight

we are one

Creative Writing

Home | A Poem

at the end of the day

when all is said and done

I wouldn’t change a thing

because home isn’t a place

it’s the people you love

who always reciprocate

Creative Writing

Every Victory | A Poem

I held

my tears

in check

and celebrated

every victory

I never


to get.

Creative Writing

Fight To Finish | A Poem

It’s not easy, never will be

Doing something, being someone

Cut yourself some slack, let yourself relax

How long has it been?

Can you remember the last time since…

You always believed

Nothing’s done without a fight

So you have to get started

In order to finish