Face Of A Girl | A Poem

She has seen too many wars

fought in them, fought for more

The scars run deeper

than the eye can see

but maybe that’s because

no one else is looking

as hard as she

Her hands are calloused

Been that way forever

You don’t know

what she’s experienced

or the sights she witnesses

Still, you look at her

and think to yourself

that’s the face of a girl

who has seen nothing at all


Drift Apart | A Poem

He showed me

What our world could’ve been

If we loved each other forever

He gave me more than I realized

But he never asked for anything in return

Then something happened

And I lost the boy inside him

He told stories

I’ll never forget

I have memories

That I hold in my hands

Lessons learned and forgotten

Only to be remembered again

Now I know

To keep those I love close

Because when they’re far

Distance makes us drift apart

A Voice | A Poem

You might stumble over your words

As you tell your story

Mess up and feel bad

But if you stand

For the things you believe in

Turn thoughts into action

Prayers into change

You’ll be surprised whenever

The sky seems to fall

You somehow rise above

Do something more

Like give a voice

To what should’ve been said

So long ago

Surprise | A Poem

Been a slow go

But what’s the rush?

Got all the time in the world


Get away

Make something great

Slow down

Appreciate beauty

In the most unexpected place

Remember to breathe

Find some sort of peace

Stop and stare

Question everything

Why did it come to be this way?

Time for change

Used to believe in reason

That the universe works out

Can’t predict moments anyhow

Sometimes life holds back

For a little surprise

Make It Through | A Poem

Where’s the boy

Who told me

What was on his mind

Talked for hours every day

Shed tears during the night

Had nothing to hide

And a friend for life

Yet you substituted

One for someone

Bit what will you have

When that someone becomes no one

When the former still hasn’t forgotten

You think you’ve found happiness

So enjoy what you have

While you still have this

I hope you make it through

I want you to love her

Like you loved me

When we were a team

You’re Worthy | A Poem

I know you don’t believe me

But I hope you believe in yourself

I see the way you’re oblivious

To everyone else in the room

They’re looking at you

Not because you’re ugly

Girl, you’re beautiful

You want to change

But you’re perfect this way

You don’t have to look like

Edited images



Every glossy magazine

Maybe you don’t see your own beauty

But perhaps one day you’ll understand

I need you to remember

You’re worthy

Fading Memory | A Poem

She gripped the edge

Saw the blood

Fought back


Screams penetrated

The loud silence

But no one listened

They didn’t understand

Everyone dismissed


Skin broke

Into raw blisters

All the signs pointed

In one direction

Heard stories


She agonized

World never noticed

Until all that remained

Didn’t matter anyway

No recollection


For years

She was always

Just another fading memory

Fire And Smoke | A Poem

Where are you?

I wish they could see

Nothing is what it seems

Not when you’re young

Still trying to figure out

What’s a dream

What isn’t reality

I’m trying to find a place

Where I can go

To be alone

I’ll wish on a star

The brightest in the sky

So it can guide me home

The darkness makes me remember

Memories I thought I lost

I’m still waiting for a sign

A reflection of fire and smoke

I hope during sunrise

And pray at nightfall

Overcoming | A Poem

I tell myself to breathe

As I wipe palms on jeans

I force a smile to my face

Tell myself it’ll be okay

Standing on two feet

Let my legs carry me

I swallow, stride faster

Down carpeted stairs

Up the black stage

The curtain parts

Before the show begins

I open my mouth

Project my voice out loud

Welcome | A Poem

Welcome to my home

It’s not my own

Welcome to my room

Where every night I fight

Lock demons inside

Welcome to my world

I walk around invisible

Unseen because I blend in

Make myself follow

Welcome to my head

The thoughts are mine

But the voices aren’t

I can think for myself

Despite what they tell me

Welcome to my heart

It’s been shattered once

Which is more than enough

I’ll never put the parts back

Because I still remember

The day that destroyed my life