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Aspiringwriter22 Officially On Facebook! Coming To Twitter Soon!

I started this blog a few months ago (near the beginning of April to be exact), with no marketing, no social media, and absolutely no advertising help from anyone, anywhere. Looking back, this blog you are reading right now was created solely for fun. For me, blogging was an endeavour I always wanted to try out but I did not realize how much I would come to fall in love with it.

Writing is a huge part of my life along with blogging. Until now, my blog was a part of my life I kept hidden from practically everybody, almost like a dirty, little secret.

However, I realize the importance of social media and having multiple platforms to reach various audiences. So with that I decided, on a limb, to create a Facebook page about my blog today. Moments ago, I set up a Facebook account for my blog since I knew this summer I would have more time on my hands but also because I would like to promote my blog further.

My biggest hope is for people like me (i.e. writers and bloggers) to be a part of a community. Aspiringwriter22 is a place where I want to reach out to like-minded people, writers, and bloggers.

As I continue on this journey, one that I invite you to join in with me, I wish for us to learn more from each other in a friendly, mutual relationship.

I will be posting updates regularly with information pertaining to writing, blogging, editing, publishing, etc., on Facebook. I kindly ask that you check out my Facebook page (Aspiringwriter22) if you have enjoyed this blog so far, as the content I publish on this blog will be similar to what I write about on Facebook. I look forward to seeing you there.

On a final note, I will be creating a Twitter account later on in July. But for now here is the link to my Facebook page: