Writing A Strong Resume Tips

This post is geared mostly towards writers/bloggers but some of the tips can apply to just about everyone.

  • Minimize use of articles (a, an, the).
  • Omit first person pronouns (I, me, my, myself).
  • Use the active voice.
  • Don’t be wordy.
  • Avoid flowery and condescending language.
  • Mention that you can provide clips of published writings and work samples/include them if asked.
  • Include contact information. Possibly your website address or blog URL if appropriate.
  • Employ powerful verbs: created, devised, developed, drafted, envisioned, established, facilitated, inspired, organized, prioritized, produced, promoted, published, streamlined, etc.

It’s ironic how I’m giving tips on writing a strong resume when my own resume is in a serious need of an overhaul. Credibility diminished by 80 percent.