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Feeling Scared To Try New Things

The older I get, the more scared I am to try new things. I feel like I need to stay in my own lane. But I know I won’t grow if I don’t step outside my comfort zone.

I don’t always know what I want to do. I have to try new things before I can decide if it’s right for me.

I’m the type of person who has no problem seeking out new opportunities like applying for a job, internship, etc. But I don’t always follow through. Sometimes I have a valid reason. But other times I back down out of fear. Fear of failure. That I won’t be good enough.

I want to be more willing to try new things. I don’t want to let fear stop me from following through on opportunities that could change my life forever.

I should stop making assumptions or jumping to conclusions. After all, I won’t know whether I like something until I try it.

Oftentimes when I have to make a decision, I weigh the pros and cons. Unfortunately, it’s easier for me to think of disadvantages than advantages. Then again, there are positives I might not consider until I pursue something further.

It’s easy to play things safe. I might as well take a risk while I’m young though. I have very little to lose. If I find something isn’t right for me, that’s OK. If I fall in love with it, great. But I will never know unless I give myself a chance.


Why I Love English Classes

  • I’m encouraged, more like expected to read.
  • I pick up books I wouldn’t normally even glance at.
  • I get to write about fictional worlds.
  • I have my own opinions, but more importantly, I can share them.
  • I am reading and writing a lot more than I would on my own.

Pros And Cons: WordPress

The pros and cons of blogging on WordPress!

All opinions are my own. You may or may not agree with me. 


  • Bloggers are amazing
  • Quick set up time 
  • Bloggers are fantastic  
  • Takes care of many aspects for you 
  • Bloggers are incredible 
  • Free (unless you want your own domain)
  • Bloggers are lovely 
  • Choice to customize  
  • Bloggers are sublime 
  • Good SEO
  • Bloggers are wonderful 


  • Harder to stumble upon up and coming blogs that aren’t as well-known
  • Someone decides to fix something that isn’t broken (ahem, the “old” perfectly perfect post editor) 

There are too many pros to list them all, and the cons really aren’t that bad.


Pros And Cons About Going To School

I think it’s only fair to blog about the good and bad when discussing any issue. It eliminates bias. Ha, that’s something I remember learning in school.


  • I have a more consistent schedule to follow. I wake up at 6:30, I get home around 4 o’clock, I sleep after 11 p.m. Hence, I have a specified period in the day to read, write, blog, etc.


  • I have to follow a specific schedule, which is frustrating at times. I like blogging when I want to and writing when I need to. School forces me to blog at a certain time and write when I’m not in class. School, in a sense, restricts my creative freedom.


  • I have less time to think and obsess over bad things. These things include certain boys, specific TV shows, and everything junk food.


  • I have less time to think and obsess over good things. These things include books, words, and blogs.


  • You met people you like. Which makes for a more enjoyable experience.


  • You met people you don’t like. Which makes for a less pleasant time.

As you can see, for every pro for going to school, there’s also a con.

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Going Back To School: Pros And Cons


  • Back to school shopping.
  • Uh…my mind can’t think of any.
  • Um…I’ll get back to you on this?


  • Less time to read.
  • Less time to write.
  • Less time to blog.

Can a kind soul convince my parents to let me take the year off, so I can focus on the things that matter (i.e. books and blogs)?

Personal Reflection

Pros And Cons Of Having A Common Name

So over the years, I’ve had to grow up and get accustomed to having a less common name. I think you know my name by now, but if you don’t, it’s most likely on the right hand side of your screen. >>>

I’ve never met another Herminia much less another Herminia Chow in my life. Although I like my name, I have contemplated what life would be like if I had a more common name. Like Amy or Michelle.

The contemplation has led me to write this post about the advantages and disadvantages of having a common name. Obviously, based on my life experiences.

Pros (of having a common name)

  1. Most people will spell it correctly.
  2. Most people will pronounce it correctly.
  3. You can usually find a souvenir with your name on it.

Cons (of having a common name)

  1. You may be confused for someone else.
  2. Lots of other people will have the same name, making you virtually un-Googleable.
  3. It’s unoriginal (and thus, not exactly a conversation starter).

A bunch of questions for all my lovely readers and followers. You don’t have to answer them; they are just for thought.

Do you have a common name? An uncommon name?

Do you like your name? Do you want to change it?

Do the pros of having a common name outweigh the cons?


More Blogging Tips For Pros, Amateurs, And Anybody In Between

As promised 5 more blogging tips to help enhance your blog, boost traffic over time, and ensure readers come back for another visit.Social Media Public Relations

  1. Edit, proofread, and revise your posts to perfection. If a mistake occurs once in a while, the blogging God(s) will forgive you, but when it happens all the time…it starts to become a sin.
  2. Ensure your posts are meaningful. Inform, entertain, persuade, educate, whatever the purpose may be so long as there is a purpose to your madness (i.e. your ramblings, musings).
  3. Read other blogs to see what they do well and what can be improved upon. That said don’t make the same mistakes other blogs do such as tiny or too hard to read font, too many plugins, etc.
  4. Give back to the community. With a click of a button this is simple, easy, and should be straightforward. Give to others what you would like for yourself.
  5. Be realistic about the work and time you put in compared to the results you expect. To quote someone who shall remain incognito, “Garbage in, garbage out.” My little spin on that would be, “Gold in, gold out.” What you put in is what you will get out. As cliche as this sounds there is truth to you reap what you sow.

In case you missed it this was the first installment: Blogging Tips For Pros, Amateurs, And Anybody In Between


Blogging Tips For Pros, Amateurs, And Anybody In Between

Since I am feeling rather generous today here are 5 blogging tips to improve your blog, increase traffic, and ensure readers come back for more.

  1. Your titles are IMPORTANT. Invest time into writing an attention-grabbing one. This will spur people to click on your post because they are interested.
  2. Quality over quantity. One excellent post once a week is better than five mediocre barely there posts.
  3. Allow people to comment on your blog. This creates a feeling of interaction and inclusion.
  4. Promptly respond to comments in a respectful manner. Remember if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.
  5. Be personal but be professional. Feel free to share a part of your life with readers as long as you keep it appropriate.

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Check back tomorrow for five more.

*The second post with five more tips: More Blogging Tips For Pros, Amateurs, And Anybody In Between