Advice On Breaking Into A Creative Industry

  • Do more than you have to, especially when you’re first starting out. Don’t just do the bare minimum and call it a day.
  • Always find people who will challenge you to improve. Never surround yourself around those don’t care if you stay stagnant.
  • Ask hard questions. Learn how to. And when you get an answer, listen. Sometimes you might not get an answer or you’ll get a no. That’s okay.
  • Don’t try to be perfect. The world won’t end if you mess up or make a mistake.
  • You’re not above anything or anyone. Kindness goes a long way.
  • Deliver on time. Fulfill your end of the deal. If you make a promise, keep it. If you can’t, don’t make one.
  • Chase down chances. No one’s going to hand you anything.
  • Be willing. You may not be the best or the brightest. But if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to get better, you’ll go a long way.
  • Show up and have something to show. Show up on time. Better yet, be early to events, meetings, etc.
  • Trust the process. It’s a long journey. Keep grinding. Trust your work ethic. Stop making excuses. Stop complaining. Put your head down and hustle. Do the work. Get it done.
  • Differentiate yourself. Embrace your differences. Stand out from the rest of the crowd. You’re not anyone else, so be the best version of yourself.

Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Blogging

Do I love asking myself questions and answering them in a blog post? Yes, I do.

Do you like these sort of posts? What’s that, you despise them…I don’t it’s possible to. 

What’s your favourite part about blogging?

I fell in love with words and stories before a lot of things in this life. And so being able to write blog posts is by far what I love best. I get to work with cool words and occasionally tell a bad story. As much as I enjoy everything that falls within the territory of blogging, I have the most fun creating something from nothing.

What’s your least favourite part?

I don’t have a good answer for this question. Even though I complain about the little things, blogging in general is great. That said, I do feel the slightest bit irritated when my eyes become tired after staring at a screen for a long period of time. I also dislike sitting down in a chair and living a sedentary lifestyle. However, if I worked on my laziness, I could fix the latter by blogging while standing up.

What are your blogging goals?

I want to blog for as long as possible. I want to write posts I’m proud of. And I want to learn as much as I can about blogging, so I can be a better blogger. Hold me accountable, people.

What did you expect when you first got into blogging?

I’ll tell you what I didn’t expect. I did not think I’d still be blogging four years later. I never thought having a blog would open so many doors for me. I haven’t exactly answered the initial question, have I? I guess I had no expectations going in. I went out on a limb, and started a blog without any ulterior motives. I didn’t obsess over making money. I didn’t care about fame. Besides I was a bored teenager who figured I might as well share my work with the world, even if no one is going to read what I have to say. 

What’s the best piece of advice you can give beginner bloggers?

Start. Start a blog. Start that blog post. Starting is usually the toughest part. Once you bring yourself to begin, good things will happen.

Where do you see your blog in ten years?

Still alive and well.

Here’s to reading all your blog posts several years from now. And here’s to hoping you’ll get to read mine.


Get To Know The Blogger

You get to know a certain blogger a little bit better.

Why did you start blogging?

Because the yearbook team at my high school rejected me. So I had a lot of free time after school. Lo and behold, one day I was bored and started a blog.

What do you blog about?

Anything and everything I want. Blogging is something I started doing for myself. And I don’t want that to ever change. I’m going to keep writing about the things I’m passionate about. The answer I usually give people when they ask is something along the lines of I blog about blogging and writing and reading. Boring, right?

When do you like to blog?

I tend to blog at night when my brain isn’t as critical and cynical. In the morning, I’m not the easiest person to be around to say the least. My inner critic rears her ugly head all the time. But she isn’t as annoying later in the day. I think she gets tired and heads to bed.

Where do you prefer to blog?

My bed. Somewhere comfortable is ideal. Unfortunately, I don’t live in a perfect world, so I can’t have the luxury of blogging in my pajamas all the time. Guess you really can’t have everything in life.

Why are you still blogging?

If I didn’t, I’d have a gaping hole in my heart.

How do you keep blogging?

I write. I edit drafts. I publish posts. All because I need my heart to be somewhat intact.

What’s your blogging routine like?

I think about blogging almost every hour of every day. On any given day, I probably blog for a lot less than sixty minutes. I just make myself type words. Delete them. Type more. Delete a little. And when I’m done, I publish the mess I’ve created for everyone to read. Not many people do.

Did you enjoy getting to know me a bit better as a blogger? Either way, I have more blogging questions I want to answer. Maybe I’ll get around to them some day.


A Q&A About Writing 

What’s more fun than asking questions about writing? Answering questions about writing.

What do you write about?

Most of my stories and poems are based on personal experience with some embellishment of course. I’ve realized there’s so much to write about if you pay attention in your day to day life. 

When do you write?

I usually write at night. I used to be a morning writer. Nowadays I read earlier in the day and write later. Also, if I need to edit, I prefer doing so in the daytime when I’m more awake and alert. Editing when my brain wants to shut down is never a good idea.

What are you currently working on?

Recently, I have been writing poems. I hope to submit a couple, the best ones obviously, to a few writing contests or competitions. I’ll probably post a lot of them on this blog sometime, especially during days I don’t have an idea for a article.

I’d love to hear your answers to these questions.


Bookish Questions

How well do you know my reading preferences?

Paperback or hardcover?


Print or Ebooks?


Audiobooks or Ebooks?


Series or standalones?


Short or long chapters?


Short or long books?


Poetry or prose?


Popular or literary fiction?


Fantasy or sci-fi?


Fantasy or mystery?


Books turned into TV shows or movies?


Buy or borrow?


Library or bookstore?


Eat or drink while reading?


How’d you do? How would you answer the above questions?


Writing Q & A

What do you write about?

Anything and everything.

Did you always like writing?

Not always. Probably because in the past I wasn’t the writer I am today. What I’m trying to say is that I used to suck at spelling. Back then math was just easier to learn and grasp than the complex language we call English. But at some point my literacy skills surpassed my numeracy skills. Probably because I read every day rather than solve math problems. Nowadays I don’t like writing. I love it. 

What inspires you to write?

The words I read, the stuff I see, the things I hear. What doesn’t inspire me is the better question.

Who inspires you to write?

My best friends, my biggest enemies, and more often than not, blatant strangers. Also, writers and bloggers put out great content all the time, so they make me want to do the same. But you probably knew that already. 

Where do you write?

Anywhere I can. I write a lot in bed because I’m lazy. Case in point, I’m finishing this post lying down on my soft and comfortable mattress. I especially like journaling right before I sleep. But if I need to type something up, I’ll be at my desk downstairs.

Personal Reflection

It’s Okay To…

A reminder that it’s okay to: 

  • like someone.
  • love something.
  • feel upset.
  • be unsure.
  • make mistakes.
  • fail often.
  • ask questions.
  • get help. 
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    Awkward Questions To Ask Bloggers And Writers

    Because I’m an awkward person, these questions make me feel even more awkward.

    “How many followers you have?”

    What I think: More than you.

    What I say: A few.

    “Are you published?”

    What I think: Does it matter?

    What I say: Sort of?

    “Can I read [an unfinished project]?”

    What I think: NO!

    What I say: Sure!

    I’m also a mean, rude, and paradoxical person.