Day 26—NaNoWriMo: Do you have unanswered questions or loose ends that need to be addressed?

Today is the last Monday of November; also it’s the last Monday of National Novel Writing Month. Can you believe you’ve come this far?

As for your novel:

Do you have unanswered questions or loose ends that need to be addressed?

Regardless of whether you’re done or still working on your NaNoWriMo project, it’s a good idea to go over your novel for unanswered questions, unfinished story lines, etc.

Never fear if you realize that you left out a major event in your story or forgot to include some vital information about a character. This is still your first draft after all. And if you’re like any great novelist, you’ll come back in December—or next year if you need a break— to breathe life into your manuscript.

Wishing everyone a productive Monday (and an even more productive week)!

Since we’re so close to the start of December, I am starting to get into a giving mood. How about giving back to all of you, my wonderful readers and followers? If you want to me to do a post on any particular topic be it writing or blogging or something random, comment down below. I haven’t planned out any December posts since I’ve been so caught up with my NaNoWriMo ones so send me some suggestions. All ideas are welcome. Thanks.

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Key To Studying

“The key to studying is not through rote memorization/learning but through applying the material, making connections, and asking questions.”

Creative Writing

I Never Knew

I never knew how much it would hurt
To have to let you go
Give you space to get through
But waiting forever is impossible to do
Do you miss me as much as I miss you?
You changed in front of my eyes
Who are you?
I don’t know who you are anymore
We used to be different
We were great friends
No one could touch us
So where did we go wrong?
We had a bond
A friendship built on trust
So why did you throw it away?
Did you want to forget me?
I’ll never know the answers to these questions
Because every time I ask you never tell me
Both of us had to go
In separate directions
Down different roads
I won’t forget you
I never will
Even though I never knew
Enough about you
Before the end came to say goodbye
Now time is up
At least we tried

A Road

Creative Writing

Going Mad

This world drives me nuts

On better days my mind is filled with questions

On others I seem to have no answers

I cannot explain many things

Rather they are a mystery to even me

I can study and read

And do some more

But I cannot begin to understand

The complicated world I live in

I am puzzled by that guy

Sitting over there

His face so composed

Yet he shows nothing

He could be a great poker player

He knows how to play the game

But I don’t understand

What makes him tick

Why I can’t get to him

I can sit there and ponder

With my chin resting on my hand

Even then no one will tell me

The answers to the questions in my head

Then there’s that girl

Who I really do admire

She’s different and special

Unique, to say the least

Sometimes I feel she tries to spite me

What? To get a reaction out of me…maybe?

All I want is for her to be friendly

To say hello isn’t so hard

For her I guess it is

She doesn’t have time for anyone

Especially me

I know she’s shrewd yet she hides

Hides from me and everybody

Is this a game she wants to play?

I feel chained to my feet

Locked in place

I want to make a move

Walk forward and let the past crumble behind me

Let me say it is never easy

The mirror does not lie though

Is it just me?

Or am I going crazy?

Parts of my life have me all confused

Until I am going mad

Ready to jump

Finally to feel numb

Nothing anymore…