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The “Someday” Excuse

“I’ll write a book someday.”

No, write that story today.

“I’ll start a blog someday.”

Start it today.

Someday will never come. But today has. And there’s no better time to start turning your dreams into a reality than right now.

Dreams shouldn’t remain dreams. Don’t let them.

Yesterday you probably said “someday” or “tomorrow”.

“I’ll get around to it someday.”


“I can do that tomorrow.”

Why not get around to doing it today?


Expectations Versus Reality: The Life Of A Blogger

In an ideal world, the italicized sentences would come true. The bolded ones reveal the not so perfect reality. Read at your own peril.

Generate twenty new ideas for future blog posts. 

Generate zero ideas.

Write five articles at once. 

Write one sentence before deleting it.

Edit nine previous drafts. 

Groan because editing is too much work.

Proofread seven pieces. 


Publish new post. 

Not publish anything for a month.

Read everything in your Reader. 

Read one word only to get distracted by some shiny new video on YouTube.

Leave a comment on the blogs you follow. 

Take forever to come up with a witty remark.

Find more amazing bloggers to follow. 

Cry at everyone else’s awesomeness.

Bathe in money at the end of the day. 

Bathe in your own tears.


Expectation Versus Reality: NaNo Word Count

Daily Word Count


Word Count-1667


Word Count-167

Creative Writing

The Day Never Ends

Our jokes go untold

Stories yet to unfold

In the midst of my dreams

I see a reality

A struggle in silence

A battle in our minds

We can begin again

Because the day never ends

Personal Reflection

An Odd Reality

Some of the bloggers in my WordPress community know me better than many of the people in my local neighbourhood.

If you can answer the below questions correctly then you’ll prove the above statement to be true. I already know it is; you don’t actually have to answer.

  • What is my favourite colour?
  • Where do I live?
  • Who is a writer/blogger I admire?
  • When is my birthday?
  • Why am I awesome?

Quote About Reality

Your reality is the reflection of your mind.