How Not To Request ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies)

How Not To Request ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies)

If you’ve ever wondered about requesting ARCs (advanced review copies), here’s how not to.

  • Email the wrong person/publisher.
  • Lie about your blog stats.
  • Mistype your contact information.
  • Draft an email only to delete it out of dread.
  • Request 1,048 books at once.
  • Clutter someone’s inbox with multiple emails.
  • Request ARCs for the wrong reasons.
  • Sell your soul to the devil.

Happy requesting, reading, and reviewing!

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A Letter To Teenagers

To many teenagers,

You need to learn how to read, how to write, and how to edit.

It would be greatly appreciated.


An avid reader, an aspiring writer, and an amazing editor.

Is it pretentious to make such a request even though I am a teen myself?

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A Tiny Request

Would anyone care to fund my trip to British Colombia? It’s only going to be a thousand dollars.

In fact, I’ll pay you back. In ten years. You know, when I start working.

Thank you generous members of the blogging universe.