Camp NaNoWriMo 2016: Bad Advice

To ensure you don’t go utterly mad after this month, I’ve compiled my not so sound advice into one post.

Lock yourself in a tiny, suffocating room.

Hold your breath and forget to breathe.

Turn on the radio or whatever you use to play music.

Jump up and down to get the blood flowing.

Shout at your silly self.

Scream at your parents.

Yell at the top of your lungs until you lose your voice.

Cry enough tears to fill an ocean.

Ignore any and all plans you’ve made.

Burn your outline after realizing you haven’t followed it once.

Just write.

Resist the urge to rewrite.

Questionable advice is the best advice, no?


To Edit Or Not To Edit?

Should we, as bloggers, edit our older posts?

Or should we preserve what we wrote in the past? That way we are able to reflect on who we were back then?

I’m not huge on editing former posts I’ve written and published for a few reasons:

  1. I like going through my archives. I can track how I wrote then and how I write now. It’s a way for me to gauge how much my writing has improved (or hasn’t improved). I can see how much I’ve grown in two weeks, two months, etc.
  2. I don’t have time to rewrite previous posts. Sure, it’s nice to revisit them. But rewriting an entire post or twenty isn’t exactly what I signed up for.
  3. I learn from previous mistakes and lapses of judgement. In life, I can’t rewrite the past. I can’t erase everything and start over again. With blogging, you can. But I don’t want to. Because if I can delete what I don’t like, I’ll probably hurt myself more than help me out.

WordPress Really Needs…

A chat feature.

If Tumblr can do it, you can too WordPress.

I would love to interact with other bloggers one on one. 

Even though I love commenting on posts, I stress over it. I take forever to respond because I have to write, then rewrite, and then edit all my comments. 

I’m weird like that. 


I’m Only Concise Because…

I’m lazy.

Look at it this way:

More thinking = More drafting

More drafting = More writing

More writing = More rewriting

More rewriting = More editing

More editing = More formatting

More formatting = More publishing


I Love Being In The Writing Zone

Just a warning though, don’t bother or distract me when I am in the zone.

In any case, have a wonderfully productive weekend writing. I’m just realizing how awkward that previous sentence sounded. Also, while I was in the zone I found out I used the word “that” about 8 times in less than 800 words. Yes, I have “that” problem. See what I did there? *Wink* I won’t bother to correct my badly structured sentence or rewrite my blog post without using that. I’m in the writing zone right now, not the editing/revising zone.


Ten Commandments Of Writing

  1. Thou shall write
  2. Thou shall write well
  3. Thou shall write every day
  4. Thou shall write for thyself
  5. Thou shall write and rewrite
  6. Thou shall write for the rest of thy life
  7. Thou shall write with passion
  8. Thou shall write from thy heart
  9. Thou shall write authentically
  10. Thou shall read too