Creative Writing

Meant To Be | A Poem

I can do it again

This isn’t the end

I only lose

If I don’t move

I had nothing before

Now I fight for more

I’ll let life make me

Who I’m meant to be

Creative Writing

Revisit Today | A Poem













Creative Writing

The Voice In My Head | A Poem

the voice in my head

doesn’t seem to understand

why my eyes bleed

how I need to grieve

my tears refuse to die

but this soul isn’t alive

Creative Writing

Saying Sorry | A Poem

I don’t owe you an apology,

but I feel the need to say sorry.

Have I already?

I know you haven’t heard from me lately,

it’s because I want you to be happy.

Creative Writing

Come Together | A Poem



come together

stand forever

been waiting for

so much more

Creative Writing

Last Forever | A Poem

Everything reminds me

of your legacy

I still remember

who you used to be

now you’re just a memory

You always said

never say never

because some things

will last forever.

Creative Writing

Do You Write? | A Poem

Do you write to remember but also forget

About all the things you now regret

Do you write to get away

Maybe you have something to say

Do you write about yourself

How you’re unlike anyone else

Do you write when it’s bright

Or a lot later at night

Do you write with a fire in your chest

Never wanting to give it a rest

Do you write when your heart is heavy

And also when you’re feeling cheery

Do you write for anybody

Or do you think of somebody

Do you write until your fingers bleed

Knowing that one idea is all you need

Do you write what’s true

Do you write for you?

Creative Writing

Start Over | A Poem

Turn the page of your story

Literally and figuratively

They won’t say sorry

So don’t expect an apology

No storm lasts forever

You can always do better

At least remember

You’re allowed to start over