Creative Writing

Home For Your Heart | A Poem

The world tries to tear you apart

But you can turn this ship around

And find a home for your heart

So long as you stand your ground

Creative Writing

One | A Poem

One team


One dream


One city


One country


Creative Writing

Your Dreams Your Way | A Poem

You’re counting down the days

Until you can see

Your dreams your way

Where you’re free to create

When you’re free to make

But don’t forget about the battles

You’ve been through

Or the cold hard truths

There’s only so much you can do

Someday this pain will end

You won’t feel sick again

Don’t waste what you’ve got

Cherish these diamonds

You deserve to have

The future you dream of

Creative Writing

Live For | A Poem

What are you waiting for?

When will you love more?

Who do you hold in your heart?

Whenever you fall apart?

Why can’t you see?

You have nothing to lose.

Why can’t you believe?

You get to choose.

Do you live like you’re surviving?

Do you live as if you’re dying?

Creative Writing

Shadow | A Poem

A car sits outside

in the night

Blinking and waiting 

in dim light

I don’t dream

for if I do

I scream

Nightmares feel real 

by morning 

I’ve yet to heal

Shot around

like an arrow

Followed around

like a shadow

Creative Writing

Fall And Fly | A Poem

You need lows to appreciate highs

You have to fall to know how to fly

You’ll get lost so you can find

You’ll hate your brain before you love your mind

These days will amount to so much more

Just wait till you see what you’ve been searching for

And when you’re there, on the mountain top

Looking out across the terrain

It will hit hard, crash down then

That moment of realization

That this is what you wanted all along

Why you put in the hours day and night

To do what no one else would

So you can lift everyone up

Get them to understand a better life

Every change brings a smile to your face

Even when nothing goes exactly your way

Creative Writing

Truths | A Poem

You know you

Know what you can do

This isn’t about them

It’s not for them

One step, then another

Don’t use time as a marker

Look at your progress meter

Seek out measures of truth

Bring yourself to

Honesty comes before falsehoods

It hurts you and them too

Creative Writing

Prove You Right | A Poem

I never wanted to let you down

I tried to turn this thing around

But I can’t fix what’s been done

I still remember watching your face

Seeing the way it changed shape

It hurts to know, to never let go

I can’t be perfect

The person you wanted

Know that I’m trying

Every day and every moment

I wonder why you still see

A bit of potential in me

There’s hope in your eyes

Like a fire that never dies

Just give me some time

I promise it’ll be fine

One day or night

I’ll prove you right