4 Writing Rules

I know there are no real rules to writing. But, more often than not, I follow the ones below.

  • Be concise. Time is too precious to waste any of it not getting to the point.
  • Be consistent. Because nothing’s worse than inconsistency.
  • Be precise. I hate ambiguity almost as much as I hate ads.
  • Be right. I lied. Nothing’s worse than being wrong.

When you know the rules, even and especially the ones you impose on yourself, you’re more than allowed to break them too.

Personal Reflection

Remember In December…

  • You don’t have to be right.
  • You don’t have to be perfect.
  • You don’t have to do everything in one day.
  • You don’t have to go everywhere all at once.
  • You don’t need anyone’s approval.
  • You don’t need anyone’s permission.

The Right To Read

You have the right to read what you want, when you want, how you want.

You have the right to abandon books and reread ones you’ve already read.

You have the right to read in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night. 

You have the right to read short books and long books and books of every shape and size.

You have the right to enjoy what you’re reading.

You have the right to your opinion, good or bad, of every book you pick up. 

You have the right to read. 


Do You Ever Feel…

Like you don’t have anything to say?

Like your ideas aren’t good enough?

Like you’re doing okay but something just doesn’t feel right? 

You do have things to say. Your ideas are better than good. And if something doesn’t feel right, write your way out of it. 


What A Writer Is Not

A writer is many things, but they are not…

  • Wrong
  • Lazy
  • Boring
  • Narrow-minded
  • Ignorant
  • Oblivious
  • Clueless

Writers are right. If you think differently, guess what…

You’re wrong.


Why Writers Are Right‏

Writers are right more often than they are not. If you want a statistic, they are right 99.9 percent of the time. Says who? Says me. The writer. And this isn’t one of those 00.1 percent instances where I’m wrong. 

But if you still don’t believe me, here’s a list of reasons. 

  1. Writers are readers. Meaning they read. Meaning they learn. Meaning they acquire knowledge mere non-writers will never acquire. Muhaha. 
  2. Writers are writers. They write words and rearrange these written words. So their grasp of the language they write in is very advanced. You should never question what they say in regards to grammar or spelling. Because they have experience and wisdom.  
  3. Writers are editors. Editors know what they’re doing. They wouldn’t be editors if they didn’t. 
  4. Writers are researchers. And you can be sure they fact check everything. 

Am I right or am I right?


Not Writing A Novel For NaNoWriMo 2015

It’s about time I bombarded you with NaNoWriMo posts.

You’re welcome.

I need to talk about my projected project. Somebody thinks she’s good with words. But she’s wrong.

Since I like to rebel, I’m not writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month.

And because I’m evil, I won’t tell you what I am writing.

Not that you care, am I right?

Don’t prove me wrong.

Personal Reflection

Rights This Writer Will Have In 15 Days

I’m turning eighteen this month. Sorry, if reading the previous sentence reminded you of how old you are. Or if that one did. My dearest apologies once again.

In fifteen days, I’m going to have several legal rights I didn’t have before.

I will be able to…

  • vote,
  • buy fireworks,
  • write my own will,
  • get married without parental permission,
  • pay more for everything because I’m a grown-up and not a teenager anymore.

Do you hear the excitement dripping from my voice?

No, you don’t? Clearly I’m not an actor.