The Disadvantages Of Buying Books

There are a few. But the disadvantages don’t outweigh the advantages.


Overflowing bookshelf (or bookshelves), anyone?


Meaning you treat books better than you treat yourself.


$10 for a book isn’t much but multiple that by 367 or 2149…

I honestly can’t think of any others.

Plus I don’t mind the lack of room and I can handle the handling.

It’s a good thing my memory sucks. I won’t ever know how much I spent on books. Oh well. I can live.

Personal Reflection

First Day Of Autumn

Autumn is here. Fall has arrived.

I love the season. I live for it.

Strangely enough, I didn’t think I’d be this sad now that summer’s over.

I can finally wear sweaters without suffering from a heat stroke, even though I’ll be spending plenty of time at home or in a classroom.

But autumn is as good of a time as any to read, write, blog, edit, and publish.

Have a productive fall. I don’t want anyone to mention winter until it’s actually winter.


Book Buying

I think I need to stop buying so many books. But I just can’t help myself.

Sooner or later, I’m going to run out of space to put them all. Then again I’d be fine getting rid of everything I own to make room for more books.

And I can’t go on a book buying ban or a book buying boycott. That’s a terrible idea.

If I could never purchase a single book ever again, I would be in physical pain.

Don’t get me started on not being able to read anything for the rest of my life. Don’t. Just don’t.

Personal Reflection

Happy Places

My room.

A library.

All bookstores.

I can’t think of any others. Can you?

Personal Reflection

Where Do You Go When You Reach Your Limit?

I can list a few places I go or turn to when I hit my breaking point.

  • This blog. 
  • A book.
  • My room.
  • The library.
  • Anywhere unfamiliar.

My blog is a place I visit quite often, practically every day now. It’s a community. I belong here.

I love being transported to another world when mine disappoints. The best distraction is a great book.

Privacy is needed when I incessantly cry, laugh, and scream. Sometimes without good reason.

Where is my second home? The library. I could spend an entire day there and even a whole night if I was allowed.

Some days the change in scenery helps calm me down. The unfamiliarity means I can obsess over my surroundings instead of my stresses.

So where do you go when you reach your limit? What do you do when you hit your breaking point?