What To Do When You Lose Your Work

Maybe I should’ve titled this post “What Not To Do When You Lose Your Work”.

If you’re new around here, (though you probably aren’t) the Herminia Chow blogging style book states: every word is capitalized in a title because she’s too lazy to follow any other rule. 

It also states: punctuation comes after the quotation mark when part of a sentence, again because she’s too lazy to observe any other rule.

Maybe one day I’ll publish a post with all my rules. So you can laugh at how incorrect and lazy I am. But at least I’m consistent in being incorrect and lazy.

I’ve digressed because I rather not think about how careless I was.

And surprise, how lazy I am.

I’m usually good with saving my work anywhere and everywhere. I don’t believe you can ever save a draft too many times or have the same draft in too many places.

But this time I had one draft saved in one place. The application froze and when I went back on it, I lost all the work I did for an assignment due this Thursday. Safe to say I had over half of it done. All those hours of work gone in a few seconds.

Life’s fun and funny like that.

So naturally I panicked. And in my state of panic, I told the whole world. My mom. My dad. My best friend. My professor. That’s pretty much my world.

Could I have spent all that time redoing my assignment? Of course. Did I? Of course not.

Let this be a lesson to always save your work many times and in multiple places.
Don’t be like me. Don’t be lazy. It comes back to haunt you.


Worst Thing That Can Happen To Writers

When the power goes out while you’re writing on the computer.

Worse, when the power takes an eternity to come back on.

Even worse, when your work doesn’t save.

Speaking from experience although it’s more like an exaggerated experience.

Perhaps the world is telling me I should get used to writing by candlelight.


My Number One Writing Problem

Forgetting to save.


30 Questions To Ask Yourself During NaNoWriMo-Day 12

Ah. You knew I was going to tackle this one.

Question #12

Are you saving your manuscript everywhere?

  • Let’s say your computer broke down right this second. Of course that isn’t true. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post. Still bear with me.
  • Let’s pretend your manuscript disappears into oblivion because of some technical issue.
  • Let’s imagine your house burning down. Not that I wish this on anyone.

Now let’s suppose that one of the above actually happened. What? Would you lose 20,000/30,000/40,000 words of writing? Would you have wasted 20/30/40 hours of your life?

To ensure a tragedy like this will never occur, there is a solution. SAVE. Yes, save everywhere and anywhere. Save your document in multiple places. On a USB. On the computer. On your laptop. On Google docs. E-mail your novel to yourself. Save a draft of it on WordPress. Whatever floats your boat.

To be fair I had the first happen to me, I knew someone who experienced the second, and as for the latter—someone robbed my house and stole a laptop with everything of mine on it. Every loss has strengthened my resolve to save the documents that mean the most to me everywhere. And I mean it wholeheartedly when I say everywhere. Save every day. You won’t regret saving but you will regret not saving.

Promise me that you will take care of yourselves and your novel.

Tomorrow reflect on: are you worrying too much rather than writing?


To All Writers…Always Save!

Dear Writers,

Listen up. From a writer to another writer I just want to say one thing. It will take you like 2 minutes to read this article but it might save you 2 hours in the long run. Always, and I mean always…


Unfortunately today I made the mistake of not doing that and I ended up losing almost all my work. Literally. I started a new Word document on my computer and began to work away. Silly me, I didn’t save because I was so “caught up in my work”. I forgot to click the all crucial “save” button. I guess I thought Microsoft Word could handle approximately 30 minutes of not freezing on me. Today of all days, Microsoft Word did not handle 30 minutes of running smoothly. On top of that it decided to freeze at the most inconvenient moment. Out of all the times I have saved my Word documents, it had to freeze the one time I did not. What a coincidence.

What I have learned from this is I am not as smart as I thought I was. The “smarter, more intelligent writer” would have not made such a horrible mistake in judgment.

Okay after about half an hour trying to recover all that I lost to little avail, I vow to save every document I open before I even write a single word. Then proceed to save just about every 5 seconds.

At least this way I can prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again.

So today’s lesson of the day is:


Like your life depended on it…

And hey since we are all bloggers remember to save your blog posts as well. You know, in case your Internet dies one out of the million times you did not save. Although WordPress does an awesome job at auto-saving your work, it may not save everything for you.

Microsoft Word did auto save. Did it recover everything? No. Did it save all my work? No.

Will WordPress save everything for you? Maybe, if you are lucky. Will it recover all your work? It depends. It may. It may not. Do you want to take such a chance?

To save you from the agony I have experienced about 10 minutes ago, I suggest you hit that “save” button every once in a while. Is that sufficient? Technically, it should be. But to err on the side of caution, be an “obsessive saver” and never lose any work again. Or aim to lose as little work as possible.

Perhaps you may be one of those people that do not save until you are almost done writing an essay of about 5, 000 words. Or you think praying that nothing will freeze and crash is enough to keep your writing from being lost forever. Or you may be one of those people that know how important saving is. If I did not know the importance of  hitting the “save” button before, I know now that taking 1 second to hit “save” could potentially save you oh, I don’t know, 10,000 seconds of your life.

Don’t forget to save, save, and yes save.