Getting Into The Zone

I love getting into the zone and losing track of time. It was easier when I had less on my plate. Unfortunately, like everyone else the older I get, the more obligations I have.

Being so immersed in another world that the real one falls away is an incredible feeling. I tend to come out of those sessions feeling energized, even if I just spent the past two hours writing.

Of course, getting into the zone is tougher than simply sitting down in a chair. It requires you to start, which is often the hardest part.

Losing track of time because you’re so caught up in your w.ork can happen when you least expect it to. Sometimes a little pressure courtesy of a deadline helps as well.

Personally, I make a schedule and set aside some time for creative work every day. I don’t always get into the zone. When I do, I don’t always expect to stay in the zone for too long. Then again, when things are going well, I don’t want to stop. I want to keep going until I can’t.

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Back To School Scenarios

I go back to school tomorrow. I want someone to tell me differently.

Best case scenario: I figure out a schedule that works, and I become the best blogger I’ve ever been. 

Worst case scenario: I fail miserably at everything from now until April, and I’ll never get my act together for as long as I live.

The first case is a dream; the second will be a reality. You’ll see soon enough.


5 Ways Writers Can Beat Procrastination

  1. Make to-do lists.
  2. Make plans.
  3. Make a schedule.
  4. Make rewards.
  5. Make new memories.

Regardless of what I do, I can’t beat procrastination. So maybe you shouldn’t listen to me. Now or ever. If you used to, stop. If you never did, don’t start.


Blogging Tips, Tricks, And “Life Hacks”

I’m a hypocrite, I know. I don’t like the term “life hack” and I don’t think you can truly “hack” anything in life. Nothing replaces hard work. Nothing. But there are some things I’ve picked up over the years that have made my life easier. And more efficient.

I’ll all about managing my time well. Never waste a minute you don’t have to.

Bookmark certain sites you’ll use often. I personally bookmark the WordPress editor, my blog’s home page, and the Reader. It’s quicker to click a button. Besides, I’m not about the navigating through multiple sites or typing in a URL life.

Use templates. They are your best friend. You can use the template of a previous post for new posts. For my writing contests posts, I don’t write out all the informational categories such as Type of Entry or Fee (if any) for every competition. I don’t even rewrite it for new posts. I have a template saved as a draft so I can copy, paste, and fill out accordingly. How much time have I saved using templates? A lot.

Schedule (or backdate) your posts. When I first started out I didn’t know you could do this. I didn’t know anything really. You can schedule them in advance obviously. But if for whatever reason you want to backdate your post, you can set the time and day to be in the past. Then your post will appear to be published on that date even if it wasn’t. 

Now you know. And if you knew already, I just wasted your time, didn’t I?


How To Be A More Productive Student

I know this post is geared towards students, but these tips work for just about anyone.

Drain Your Phone (For Real)

Or don’t charge it when your battery is low. No, I’m not crazy. Your phone is a massive, if not, the biggest time waster. If you have an essay due tomorrow, you shouldn’t be Snapchatting your friends. It’s less tempting to use your cell when there’s five percent of its battery remaining. Better yet, if your phone is completely dead, that’s one less distraction to deal with.

Learn from Edison and King

As hard as it may be to stick to a routine, following a similar schedule every day has been proven to enhance productivity. Thomas Edison did it. Stephen King does it. You can do it.

The 3 C’s

Don’t jump around from one thing to another without ever finishing anything. Starting ten projects at once is not helping your productivity. Utilize the 3 C’s: Commit, complete and conquer. That’s how you get things done.

You can find the full post with five more tips here.


Pros And Cons About Going To School

I think it’s only fair to blog about the good and bad when discussing any issue. It eliminates bias. Ha, that’s something I remember learning in school.


  • I have a more consistent schedule to follow. I wake up at 6:30, I get home around 4 o’clock, I sleep after 11 p.m. Hence, I have a specified period in the day to read, write, blog, etc.


  • I have to follow a specific schedule, which is frustrating at times. I like blogging when I want to and writing when I need to. School forces me to blog at a certain time and write when I’m not in class. School, in a sense, restricts my creative freedom.


  • I have less time to think and obsess over bad things. These things include certain boys, specific TV shows, and everything junk food.


  • I have less time to think and obsess over good things. These things include books, words, and blogs.


  • You met people you like. Which makes for a more enjoyable experience.


  • You met people you don’t like. Which makes for a less pleasant time.

As you can see, for every pro for going to school, there’s also a con.