A Blogging Wish

I’m not wishing for more followers or views or likes or comments, but they are always welcome. I am grateful for every single one.

Besides I don’t blog because I want fame or fortune. I just wish to continue blogging as frequently as I can. Even though I said I’d be blogging less, I’m doing my best to not stay true to my word. Until November.

Naturally I gravitate towards doing what I love in order to put off what I don’t.

That’s why I blog rather than complete schoolwork.

And I hope you do the same so I’m able to stalk you.

I mean I want you to blog. Not avoid work or neglect school. I don’t condone that.


Current Blogger Problem

I spend too much time obsessing over the aspects of my blogs that I can control. Case in point, I spent nearly an hour tinkering with my Tumblr blog today.

My flawed logic: schoolwork can wait, blogs do not.

Every part of me hopes your day was more productive than mine. If it wasn’t, tell me why. I’d love to know because I rather read everyone’s comments than read my textbook.

School · Writing

Procrastination And Bad Choices

I really shouldn’t be procrastinating during November.

NaNoWriMo is supposed to help with that problem by making me less likely to put off homework.

It has had the opposite effect.

Instead of completing my schoolwork when I’m supposed to, I use writing as an excuse to reduce my guilty conscience.

Thanks to procrastination and bad choices, I might be losing precious hours of sleep.

Personal Reflection

Evaluating My Life Priorities

I thought it would be interesting to evaluate my life priorities at this point in time. I am in grade eleven, I am sixteen, and I am contemplating my plans for post-secondary. Also, the school year is almost over. YAY!

Anyhow, the timing is just right for this post.


I need more sleep. I crave good sleep. I want better sleep. So yes it’s definitely a huge priority.


On the bright side, I don’t care too much about school. Unfortunately, I still care. But let’s face it, who puts schoolwork before anything else? Not this girl.


This is more of a priority than schoolwork, that’s for sure. Would I sacrifice sleep for writing? You should know my answer to the previous question.


I’m not sure if I could survive a day without dancing. If anything terrible happened to me, you know it’s because I am dance deprived.


Listening to music has gotten me through a lot. And it’s easy to make time for music unlike time-consuming matters like homework.

Now you know why my average is only a 93. You also know why I don’t reply to comments at night. And for future reference you’ll know that if I disappeared off the face of this Earth, it’s because I went too long without dancing.


National Blogging Day

I want a day where kids don’t have to do schoolwork or study for exams. I want a day where adults don’t have to think about paying bills or feeding their children.

I want a day where we don’t have to worry or care about anything aside from blogging. I want a day where nothing else matters except for our blogs.

I want a day dedicated to blogging. A day dedicated to reading blogs.

I want a day for bloggers. A day to celebrate bloggers.

I want a National Blogging Day.